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July 31, 2010, In: Family Life

I grew up in Southern California and have been an independent spirit since the day I was born. I enjoy new places and always knew I wanted to experience college away from home. So, after attending a local junior college for a year and half, I transferred to TCU halfway through my sophomore year.

On my first night there I met one of Brett’s future roommates, but would not discover this until much later along with several other coincidental connections. Even though Brett and I were friends with the same group of people, it was not until the following semester when my roommate invited me to go swing dancing with her boyfriend and one of his bandmates that Brett and I officially met. (side note: Brett’s story would challenge this because we briefly met on my way to the gym one day. I was with my friend Virginia and a couple of our friends had a fender-bender. We were looking at the cars when B and two of his friends came up. I was in a hurry and do not remember this exchange. Oops! I did not know the man would become my husband some day!)

On the night we went dancing, there was an instant connection, although we were only friends at this point since I had a boyfriend back in California. We continued hanging out through the business fraternity (Delta Sigma Pi), mutual friends and business school classes. It did not take long to figure out that Brett was the man I was supposed to be with.

Our first kiss was like it was out of a fairy tale. We were at a weekend event with Delta Sigma Pi and stayed up all night chatting in a barn overlooking the river. As the sun came up, Brett leaned in for a kiss and I was smitten.

We have been all over the country together and are on our way to seeing the rest of the world. We have lived in Fort Worth, Texas; Long Beach, California; Waterloo, Iowa; Chicago, Illinois and have recently moved to Boulder, Colorado. We have traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and Argentina.

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