Life Needs Some Rock n Roll

October 13, 2010, In: Family Life

B recently reunited with his band-mates from college to play a gig in back in Dallas, TX.

Yes, B was in a band in college. And yes, I am a sucker for his guitar playing.

We both have fond memories of this time in our lives and it was great to reconnect and reminisce with the band and their wives.

Here’s a picture of the band, Bottleneck, back in their early days.

This year, while the band was practicing for their first show in over 8 years, they found enough time to write a new song. Check out Bottleneck’s newest song, Rock ‘n’ Roll from their show on October 10, 2010 at the Barley House in Dallas, TX.

Bottleneck – Rock ‘n’ Roll – 10.10.10 – Dallas, TX from B on Vimeo.

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