Reunions of All Shapes & Sizes

October 8, 2010, In: Travel Near & Far

I have been running into a lot of people from my past recently. Some of these reunions were planned long in advance, some were spur of the moment and some were by pure accident. I am starting to believe the saying – “time heals all” – is true. I know it refers to wounds and heartbreak, which some of these relationships were left with years ago, but I also think it extends to positive separation as well.

Somewhat planned…
Last weekend, I attended a college football game between TCU and CSU. I graduated from TCU several years ago and planned to meet up with one of my college friends who now lives in Colorado. It was great to catch up and see what she has been up to. Although we have both been leading busy lives, it was almost like we were able to pick up where we left off. Time did not play much of a factor other than adding a new layer of depth to both of our lives. I cherish easy relationships like this.

Pure accident…
While leaving the same football game above, I heard someone call my name.  With surprise, I turned to discovered a guy I went to high school with in California. It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen each other. He also lives in Colorado now and just happened to be working security at our exit in a stadium filled with over 30,000 people.
Another pure accident happened two days ago. I was back visiting my college campus for the first time since graduation and taking a tour because the campus has changed so much. All of a sudden, one of my old classmates walked by and we were able to quickly reconnect.
I have not hung out with either of these guys since attending these respective schools, but as time has drifted along, I will always be connected to them because of my life choices. It’s nice to run into old friends like that and I wonder how many times do we miss connections with people from our past? A difference of 30 seconds could have made me miss both of these old friends.

Planned in advance…
My more planned reunion is taking place this weekend and here is where the saying will be tested. B played guitar in a band in college and they’re starting to get together each year to play again. I did not come back last year, but wanted to see them play together this year. The sticky part is that at the end of college there was a little drama between some of the band mates and it over flowed to their significant others. Of course the drama was completely dissolved between the guys effortlessly. We got together 3 years ago for the lead singer’s wedding and all went well then. However, this year all of the girls will be spending the night together while the guys practice. I am a little nervous because women have a hard time letting drama dissolve. Good news is that we have all matured since then and so I am sure it will be true and time will heal all.

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