Our Registry – An Etiquette no-no?

November 10, 2010, In: Family Life

It’s Wednesday again so it’s time to for some more wedding chat. There’s something you should know – Brett and I are very practical people so we are not planning a lot of pomp and circumstance for our wedding. In fact, we are just hoping for a really fun party with our close family and friends in Mexico.

There’s been lots of planning in the works and when it came time to register, well…let’s just say that picking out china patterns, bathroom accessories and other home goods was not the first thing we thought of. We’ve been dating for almost a decade and living together most of those years so we do not need many items for our house to make us comfortable. Plus, we live in a small apartment without much entertaining space so those lovely china pieces would be sitting in boxes for who knows how long. What we really want are items we will use – a lot.

So what to register for and where to do it? We decided the best thing for us was to register exclusively online. We are registered on Amazon and HoneyFund. Our Amazon wish lists consists of things like camping gear and HoneyFund allows guests to help us pay for our honeymoon. Here’s why we chose to register online…

  1. We have friends and family all over globe so registering at a brick & mortar store might be challenging for them.
  2. We run a tech company and spend the majority of our time online so it where we’re comfortable.
  3. No need to go to a store – we registered in our pjs. The downside to this was that we did not get to use the cool scanning gun, but I also got to avoid the cute tschotskes that we really do not need.

So, how about you? Where did you register? Would you do it again or change change something?

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  4. Reply

    We registered at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wanted to get dishes and things, but at Target we registered for things like a tent, sleeping bags, camping stuff, and some board games. We got a lot of what we asked for. I know that personally, I want to buy wedding gifts people really want, so I'm happy to buy "non traditional" gifts or contribute toward a honeymoon, house down payment, or other large purchase.

    • AmyC
    • November 12, 2010

    We found registering difficult, too, but ended up with three places: REI (highly recommend), Crate & Barrel (for those few household items we didn’t have), and an alternative registry where we could pick an item from anywhere (case of wine, anyone?). In hindsight, we’d probably have gone to amazon for those since the interface wasn’t very intuitive and people had some problems with it (and we linked most to amazon, anyway).

    Love the honeyfund idea. :-)

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