Wedding Inspiration – DIY Luggage Tags

December 1, 2010, In: Wedding

Our wedding is only 50 days away! I cannot believe that it is already December and time has flown by so quickly. I (as I am sure most brides do) had great plans of doing little projects all along the way, getting in better shape and making sure I would not stress about the process.

Well, let me just say that I have not done as well as I had hoped. Projects have gotten put off. The realization of dress fittings has crept up and put me on a serious diet. And, I am really starting to feel the stress! I keep reminding myself that everything will work out.

One of the projects I decided to tackle was fabric luggage tags. I knew I wanted to use luggage tags as our seating cards in order to stick with the travel theme. After looking around I found some great leather tags and even some travel-themed metal tags, but they all seemed a little pricy. Then I ran across these beautiful fabric luggage tags that I could make myself. What a great idea! I could coordinate them with our colors and personalize them a bit more.

So, I dusted off the old sewing machine, scoured Joann’s for appropriate fabric, and read up on the instructions. I love how excited I am when I start new adventures. Sometimes things go great and other times…well, let’s just say that after all the measuring, cutting and sewing, I am less than impressed with my abilities.

I seem to be able to get a straight line when sewing the strips, but I am way off when it comes to the small rectangle. And, I can’t even begin to describe how bad my plastic cover layer is! As a side note: I found a good tip that recommended covering the plastic with tissue paper when you sew it. It apparently keeps it from sticking to the machine and rips off really easily when done. I will try this option on my next go round.

Here are photos of the first two attempts. I definitely improved from the first one to the second one. My first try is on the top in both photos.

the front of the tags with a business card place holder

the back of the tags…check out the straight lines

I also plan to stick with the fabric strip rather than the ribbon, but I wanted to experiment. As I improve (or at least I hope I do!) I will post our finished product. Wish me luck! My fiancé thinks I’m a bit nuts…

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