Lessons from our Honeymoon

May 12, 2011, In: Travel Near & Far

As promised here’s a recap of our honeymoon and what I learned from it all.

After our weekend wedding on Isla Mujeres, we headed out for our honeymoon. We would have loved to have taken a week or two to enjoy our newly married status, but that’s not in the cards for us right now. You see, B and I have recently started a company together and if you are a landlord looking for property management software, you should look us up. But, I digress…with the responsibility of a new company to get back to, we settled on 3 days in Tulum. The upside of not needing to take an additional flight and it being within driving distance to Cancun, made it a great decision.

Lesson learned: Sometimes we feel that vacations need to be well planned and for an extended time period, but even a short trip can be relaxing. B & I need to make sure we take time for our relationship and reconnect even if it is just a weekend getaway at a close destination.

Tulum is a very relaxed, quaint Mexican town that has AMAZING food everywhere. And since we are into yoga and meditation, we liked the vibe surrounding the lifestyle there.

We opted to rent a car to get there from Cancun instead of hiring a driver. That gave us more flexibility and allowed us to stop in Playa del Carmen for lunch on the drive down. We had travelled to the Riviera Maya 3 years before for a long weekend and I was always sad we did not check out Playa del Carmen. It’s definitely centered around American tourism and not really our thing, but now I can check off that box and have satiated my curiosity.

Lesson learned: Do not let other people dictate your plans. Years before, I let other people keep me from going to Playa del Carmen because they had other things they wanted to do. Then this time several people warned us that renting a car might be too dangerous. We followed our plan this time and it worked out great. Turns out I was not missing much in Playa del Carmen, but I did not know that and so I still needed to find out for myself.

Once we arrived in Tulum, it was getting dark so we checked into our hotel and set out for dinner. I had searched out a few spots online and knew a few highlights I wanted to check out. We started with dinner at La Zebra because they also have salsa dancing on Sunday nights. The Mexican food lived up to the hype as did the drinks. They have their own sugar cane press and I was looking forward to a good mojito. In the end we did not join in the dancing and only watched from the sidelines, but it was a perfect way to start the second half of our Mexico wedding trip.

Lesson learned: While it’s good to be flexible, sometimes a plan is the best way to go. I was glad we planned ahead and scoped out a good place for dinner our first night. By the time we arrived, we were pretty tired and making a decision then would have made us both a bit cranky.

I woke up early the next morning to a beautiful coffee basket. What a way to say good morning! But, our day officially began with a couple’s massage on the hotel’s veranda. The sound of the ocean, a gentle breeze, and expert hands kneading away our stress…what more could we ask for? Well, the sun would have been nice! It turned out to be a pretty cloudy day, so after a great brunch, we headed out on a walk along the beach. Our walk took us to the Mayan ruins which sit on a cliff overlooking the ocean. These ruins seemed a bit small to us since we have been to the Tikal ruins in Guatemala, but it is still amazing to think of what has happened here in the past and what life was like for the people that lived there.

Lesson learned: There were two here actually. First, I loved that coffee idea so much that I would love to incorporate it into our guest bedroom when we have one. It was such a welcomed surprise and ready when I was so that I could be on my own schedule. Second, was to stay open minded. We had been so busy with getting ready for our wedding that we did not spend much time on the beach. All we wanted to do on our honeymoon was to bask in the sun with our feet in the sand and play in the ocean.  Since it was cloudy, we had to think of something different and, in turn, had a lot of fun at the ruins.

Thankfully the sun graced us with it’s presence the next day and we were determined to enjoy lounging in the sun and playing in the ocean. We rented bikes from our hotel and set out down the strip. We grabbed lunch at a recommended restaurant and had an amazing Italian lunch with Margaritas – strange combo, I know! But it all tasted great. I guess I was a bit obsessed with the food since I had been dieting for the previous 3 months.

Lesson learned: Go with what feels right. I would not always recommend mixing Mexican and Italian fair, but it sounded great and we were on vacation so I went with it. It would serve me well to incorporate some of that free spirit into my everyday routine as well.

All in all, I highly recommend Tulum if you are looking for something laid back. Places close down early and the town is centered around being eco-friendly so this is not the place for you if you are looking for an all-inclusive that parties long into the night. We stayed at Mezzanine and the only complaint we had was that our room did not feel very secluded. It was next to the entry walkway to the hotel and restaurant, but there were not that many people that walked by – mainly just the workers. We were just hoping for a bit more privacy – it was our honeymoon after all! (wink, wink)

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