Colorado or Bust

June 7, 2011, In: Travel Near & Far

Well, we’re at it again. We’ve done it so many times it almost feels normal. My husband and I have packed up the car and are moving halfway across the country. Since we met just over 10 years ago we have lived in Texas, California, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa and finally back to Colorado. 5 different states and 12 different homes. It’s a whirlwind!

Up until last May we were looking for a place to call home. He’s from Iowa and I’m from southern California. Our families still live in our respective childhood homes so there are lots of visits to both places, but they never fit “us” enough to call either one home. So finally, last year, when we were accepted into Techstars Boulder, we had the opportunity we had been waiting for to check out Colorado. Turns out Boulder’s the perfect fit. We love so much about it here – the great startup community, friendly people, outdoor lifestyle, great weather, a focus on local businesses and an all around good vibe. For us it’s like curling up in a blanket in front of a warm fire. Perfectly cozy.

And now we just need to find a place to live in the city we love. Just a little more stress added to our last few months which were crazy enough – starting a business, getting married, and losing a parent can really test your strength. But we are a great team and I know we’ll make it through all of this together. Thankfully we have some wonderful friends that are letting us stay in their spare bedroom while we search, but we are eager to get into our own house, townhome, condo, apartment – whatever. I cannot put into words how amazing it will be to have our own personal space again.

I guess I am putting all of this out there because I want to explain where I have been recently and why my writing has been sporadic. I am finding it very difficult to keep a good schedule and get everything done. Do you have any tips that might help?

How do you schedule your time? Is it really possible to fit everything in during the day and still have enough time for a decent night’s sleep? Dare I even dream about getting ahead when I feel it’s almost impossible to not fall behind? I find I am losing the battle and need to figure it out fast.

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