How To Make Free DIY Paint Chip Artwork

August 23, 2011, In: Archive

Our new apartment is in desperate need of decor and design so I’m tackling the small projects one at a time. Problem is, I really do not want to spend a bunch of money and accessories can really add up. Drawing from some Pinterest inspiration I crafted these beauties for our guest bathroom with paint samples we had on hand. Best part is that it cost me absolutely nothing. (Update: I did it again! I made new ones with colors to match our new shower curtain)

How to Make Cheap DIY Wall Art

Using shades of green, gray and beige, I cut several paint samples into rectangle strips and used double stick tape to lay them out on a regular piece of paper. Then I put them in frames I already had and hung them in our guest bathroom. Again, the cost was $0.

Here’s some of the progress photos taken during craft day with my blogging buddy.

DIY Paint Chip Art

Megan even captured a picture of me putting it all together.

Cheap DIY Wall Art

Then it came time to hang my paint chip art up on the wall. Want a tip when it comes to hanging up art? Make sure to measure, measure, measure. First I measured the space where the pictures were going. Then I measured the pictures themselves. I subtracted this measurement from the entire wall and divided by the number of pictures plus one. This way of measuring will work for any number of prints you have to hang up. So if you have 1 picture, divide by 2; 2 pictures, divide by 3; 3 pictures, divide by 4 and so on. This ensures equal spacing on the wall.

How to Hang Photos Properly

I always make sure to eyeball the suggested spacing on the floor before putting any holes in the wall too. And, of course the last step is to make sure everything is level. And viola…

Free DIY Wall Art

We’re hoping to paint the bathroom soon to get rid of the forest theme. Eek! I’m thinking gray will help tone down the green tile that I know you are all jealous of – ha!

Oh, in case you were wondering, here are the art pieces I used as inspiration.

The artwork on the left is the Intersecting Circles Wall Art by 2 Girls Being Crafty and on the right is  the Easy Paint Chip Wall Art by How About Orange.

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    • Bethany
    • August 27, 2011

    Very cool!!! I love that you made it for free, too! No one would ever suspect that you didn't buy them from somewhere (unless they saw this post, of course)

  4. Reply

    This is so cute! There are such great paint chip crafts going around lately!

  5. Reply

    Love this! I have an odd-sized frame that I needed to do something with. This will be awesome… of course… where do I have space for it? LOL

  6. Reply

    Nicely done D!

  7. Reply

    awesome idea!
    good color choices

    the miller's
    prezidential life

    • The Outlaw Mom
    • August 23, 2011

    I love this idea. Our walls in the family room area are bare and I'm not sure quite what to do with them. This looks fun and adds an interesting look. I might try it! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Reply

      So glad you like it! Mine are 8 x 10, but I would imagine you could do them any size to fit your living room. If you're bigger, I would probably cut larger rectangles so that the look is not overwhelming.

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