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August 20, 2011, In: blogging & technology

About a month ago my friend Megan and I decided to work together on our blogs. We both have great ideas, but need a little motivation to stay on track. So we thought, why not work together, drink a little wine, have a few laughs, and hopefully make something creative once a week? Sounded like a good idea to me!

As a back story, she is the brilliant, Emmy Award Winning videographer that filmed our wedding in Mexico earlier this year. I feel so lucky to have met her and love how we have become such fast friends. She is truly talented! Her blog is called Made With True Love and was inspired during her recent pregnancy. She wants to promote creative ways to document your pregnancy and your baby’s growth. Check it out if you’re looking for some ideas and just know there’s much more to come.

To see what else she is capable of (and trust me, it’s awesome!) check out her video production company and blog, Enjoy!

Here’s a screenshot from Made With True Love. Isn’t that adorable?!?!

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    Oh my you make me blush. This sounds cheesy but it's true… I'm soooooo lucky to have you as a close friend. I guess we should thank David for introducing us! I'm super excited for our wine drinking, creative talking, adventurous blog meetings:) xo

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      Right back at ya! A definite thank you belongs to David! Looking forward to our MANY adventures to come. Love ya!

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