Wow! It’s Hard to Blog & Travel

December 19, 2011, In: blogging & technology

I am learning just how hard it is to work, blog, and travel. This year, we visited my family for Christmas early and I thought I could sneak in a few quick posts. How hard would that be, right?!?

Turns out, VERY. I mean, I just don’t get to see them much so it was hard not to want to hang out, chat over a cup of tea, or work on making Christmas cards with my mom. Next year, I am determined to really make my visits home a vacation. Just because I work for myself, does not mean I don’t deserve any time off.

So, this week, I will catch up on blog posts and try to get ahead for next week when we go visit Brett’s family in Iowa.

How are you handling family travels over the holiday season? Do you have to work some or do you get to take the time completely off?

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