I had grand plans to write a post about how to use Pinterest and interesting ways to grow your blog, gain traffic and spark your creativity. Then I actually had to live through this week and ran out of time. You see, I am one half of the founding team for an Internet startup. This means that sometimes (most times) I work crazy hours and barely do anything else. I’m not complaining. I like being in control of my own destiny, but it’s not easy.

This was one of those weeks! We are working on a huge release and will be putting the website live tonight at some point (must not sleep until it is up…). It’s taking all of my creativity and hard work to get this puppy online so this week my blogging adventures have been less than stellar.

Because of that I have rounded up some of my favorite advice for Pinterest from the trusty interwebs below. I hope you find it as helpful as I have.  And if you are not on Pinterest yet and would like an invitation, just leave me a request in the comments below and I’ll send you one.

And if you’re on Pinterest, I’d love to connect. If you follow me and let me know in the comments, I’ll be sure to follow back.

Pinterest and Blogging :: The Good, The Bad and The Huh? - A fantastic overview from The Nester that gives you great advice on how to maximize your Pinterest exposure.

Pinterest Tip on How to Pin Photos from Facebook – Ever want to know how to pin something from Facebook even when the bookmarklet doesn’t work. AG Beat shows you how.

How to Use Pinterest Effectively – The Daily Dot offers four great suggestions for using Pinterest.

6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Community – Want to grow your community (and really who doesn’t)? Check out these 6 tips from It’s a WAHM Thing.

How to Use Pinterest – Want more of the basics? The Happy Housewife does a great job of showing you how to set up your Pinterest account and get pinning.

10 tips to Get the Most out of Pinterest for Your Business – For a more business perspective, this post from The Next Web shows you how to capitalize on Pinterest, thus increasing awareness and sales.

Pinterest and Book Blogging: Use The Latest Social Media Craze To Your Site’s Advantage – This ones pretty specific, but if you have a book blog you really should read this post from BlogHer.

What did I miss? Are there any tips or tutorial posts that you love and have inspired you on Pinterest? If so, please share the links in the comments below and tell me what you love about it.

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12 comments on “how to use pinterest

  1. Good morning (midnight here in Albuquerque – hooray for insomnia!)
    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated one of your posts for the Best in Show Award on my blog (http://lambaround.blogspot.com/2012/01/not-baaad-indeed.html)
    Way to go! :)

    • Thanks for the nomination! That's pretty exciting. I've even written a blog post about it that I posted last night – http://littlegreenbow.com/2012/01/i-need-your-hel…. Yay!

  2. Thanks for this! I am fairly new to the Pinterest craze…so I’m still trying to find out why everyone I know is so obsessed with it. I’m going to read your articles and hopefully it will help!
    PS – I followed you on there so maybe you can give me some inspiration too! :)

    • I love Pinterest because it gives me ideas for meals, crafts, home decor, and art work in a beautiful format with great pictures. It's fun discovering new people, seeing their tastes and what they like. I'll make sure I'm following you too!

  3. karahill on said:

    Hey! It must be a great day, you have 2 blog noms now…I nominated you for the 7×7 link award! You can get the deets on my post!

  4. Great post…I needed more info on Pinterest…


  5. Great articles! Thanks for posting!

  6. My goodness! Thank you for the nomination! I am super excited about it and the SITS31DBBB because it has introduced me to so many awesome bloggers (including you!). Looking forward to repaying the favor and paying the 7×7 forward. Cheers!

  7. Great articles – nice to have a bunch of Pinterest tips in one place. I especially love the Facebook one – I’ve been trying to figure that one out!

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