it’s all downhill from here

January 14, 2012, In: personal experiments

It’s the end of day 7. Things are going pretty well. Yesterday was actually my toughest day and it was my own fault. I was not prepared enough and needed to make a run to the store to stock up. I had enough for my morning juice and tried to “garbage can” my lunch juice. And by garbage can I mean throw in all the veggies and fruits I had left.

Bad idea. I only had veggies left and the mix was terrible. Plus, most vegetables like kale and spinach do not produce that much juice. So here I was chocking down a bad tasting juice so I’d have enough energy to go to the store, but there wasn’t really enough to give me the burst I was looking for.

It put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day and I was really tempted to throw in the towel. It’s a good thing I have all of you cheering me on!

After that, I determined that I would have a plan for every remaining juice and that there would be at least one piece of fruit included. Oh and I started saying juice like Daniel Tosh at second :19 in this video.

Doing whatever it takes to stay motivated. But with only 3 days and 12 juices to go…I’ve got this in the bag!

    • Laura
    • January 15, 2012

    This sounds like a difficult (but worthwhile!) project, and you have inspired my friend and I- feeling kind of blah after the holidays- to do a juice fast as well. We are wondering if you are following guidelines- maybe we've missed them- about which juices to have and when, or if it's more that anything goes as long as it's veggies/fruit/juice? Thanks, and good luck finishing up!

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