It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary

January 21, 2012, In: Family Life

Today is our one-year anniversary and we are taking a day to enjoy ourselves. This last year was a crazy roller coaster ride filled with our highest highs and our lowest lows.

After dating for 10 years, we finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on the beach in Mexico. I can say without a doubt that it was exactly what we had been hoping for. Surrounded by 30 of our closest family and friends, we exchanged vows while barefoot in the sand on an island just off the coast of Cancun. Then we dined, drank, and danced the night away. Perfection! If any of you are looking for a great place to get married in Mexico, look up Playa La Media Luna on Isla Mujeres. It was divine! We honeymooned in Tulum for a few days and it was pure relaxation and bliss.

Then we returned home and received a phone call from Brett’s parents. His father’s melanoma had returned for a third time and he was having tests in a couple days. Waiting for the results was agonizing, but the diagnosis was worse. Metastatic melanoma. And it had spread throughout his body. We made the decision right then to pack up our stuff, put it in storage, and move from Boulder, CO to Iowa for the foreseeable future. We’re so glad we did. Almost three months after the diagnosis, we lost my father-in-law to cancer.

We moved back to Colorado in the summer and spent the rest of the year getting our bearings and focusing on our startup. We’ve already made it through the “for worse” part of our vows this past year and that’s because we did it together.

We are looking forward to the “for better” part this year.

These are some of my favorite photos of our wedding & a really fun video done by our incredibly talented friend, Megan.

Brett & his dad before our wedding

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    • PlayDatesParty
    • January 25, 2012

    Congrats on your first anniversary! I was itching to tie the knot after three years; much less ten. It looks like it was a fantastic time!

    • Reply

      Thank you! I was more itching in the beginning of our relationship too, but am so happy we waited. And yes, fun was had by all that could make it!

  2. Reply

    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! The photos are beautiful!

    • angie608
    • January 24, 2012

    I want your video!!!! You guys are so cute!

    • Reply

      Thank you! Our videographer should get all the credit. She is awesome and we had a lot of fun working with her. Plus, it was Mexico so how can you not have fun!

  3. Reply

    Aww, Happy Anniversary. May you have many years of love and laughter. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father-in-law.

  4. Reply

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more years of love and laughter!

    • karahill
    • January 22, 2012

    How wonderful…we also just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and we're also married at the beach! Your pictures are beautiful! Congrats!

    • Reply

      Congratulations to you too on your 1st year!

    • Becca
    • January 22, 2012

    Happy Anniversary! Love you guys :)

    • Reply

      Thanks Becca! Love you guys too!

  5. Reply

    Happy Anniversary. I’m sorry that your first year saw you facing “for worse” but facing it together hopefully made it easier.

    • Reply

      Thank you Ginger! Yes, it was much better to be able to face it together. You just always expect the good times first. But now we know we can do anything as long as we have each other.

    • SDMS
    • January 21, 2012

    Oh my…I'm in tears of joy of course..this is so beautiful..Your wedding looked like you were so happy & u had all the people that should have been there there…I'm extremely saddened to hear the news about your FIL but you guys did get a chance to spend QT with him.

    Happy Anniversary & keep dancing!

    Still Dating My Spouse

    • Reply

      Thank you, Pamela! Yes, it is sad that we lost him so soon, but I know he enjoyed the wedding. We have some wonderful videos and photos of him from Mexico too.

  6. Reply

    Congrats on the one year anniversary! Looks like an absolutely amazing wedding. Cheers to one year down and a lifetime to go!

    Love your blog BTW!

    • Reply

      Thank you for you nice comments, Rachel! Our wedding really was perfect for us.

    • MeganSweeney
    • January 21, 2012

    Brian and I LOVED being part of your special day and adventurous week in Mexico. Not to sound cheesy, but you guys were meant to be together. Happy Anniversary!

    • Reply

      Brett and I were so lucky to have you guys there. I was incredibly happy you said yes! You both did an amazing job documenting our special day and it was better with you there. Thank you…it's not cheesy…I feel Brett & I were meant to be too.

  7. Reply

    Lovely photos and story, Deanna!

  8. Reply

    Thanks Nikki. I am so glad we waited as long as we did because in the end we were able to plan the perfect wedding for us. If we had gotten married early in our relationship it would have been for our parents and it would have been what they wanted.
    Hopefully you will be planning soon! When you do get engaged, you should check out and submit your story. Super cute blog!

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