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February 10, 2012, In: blogging & technology

I’m jumping on the bandwagon…

I am a Word Press Girl. Was from day 1. Never did the Blogger thing (even though I love Google products) and so I never used Google Friend Connect. Now that I’m starting to really take blogging seriously, I understand how important it is to connect with others and help each other on this journey. I almost set up a GFC widget in my sidebar, but luckily found out it was going away before I did so. It looks like there are a couple tools competing to take over this space. One is Linky Follower and the other is Networked Blogs.

I’m choosing to start with Linky Follower because from the sample of blogs I follow, it seems more popular and I’m seeing more blog hops.

I would love it if you would join in and link up. And, this is a blog hop! Grab the code and post it on your blog too! The farther this goes the better for all of us. I hope you’ll join me!

The Simple Rules
(THIS IS A BLOG HOP) Feel free to grab the code and post on your blog too.
This will spread the word and get more people linking to YOUR blog!
1. Link up your blog home page (not a specific post)
2. Follow the HOST and the 5 blogs ahead of you (Required)
IF you have the time, please DO these things too:
3.Please take the time to follow the blogs that have followed YOUR blog.
4. Spread the word and build up your lovely blog community!
Happy Friday Everyone! Let’s take a few minutes to NETWORK!!!!


    • Martina
    • February 16, 2012

    So happy to find your blog through the Linky blog hop! Look forward to reading your future posts!!

    • Reply

      Nice to meet you Martina!

    • Jenny
    • February 15, 2012

    Thank you for hosting. I found the hop through a bowl full of lemons. I’m following via lf. Stop by and check me out.

  1. Reply

    Just found your blog hop through SITSGirls. I pasted the linky code in a blog post. Do I need to do something else to link up my blog? Pardon my ignorance… :)

  2. Reply

    Hi, I found you through my Blog Hop, and am a new Linky follower! I hope you can follow me back!

  3. Reply

    New Linky Follower! Hope you will follow back!

  4. Reply

    Found you via the Linky hop and have become your newest Linky follower. Look forward to reading your future posts. Hope you have a chance to visit and perhaps follow me back.

    • robin
    • February 12, 2012

    I stopped by to follow you on the Linky Party Hop. I hope that you get a chance to do the same! :-)

  5. Reply

    Just stopping by from the Linky Party Hop. I hope you will visit and follow back.


    • Kelly
    • February 11, 2012

    Opps, accidentally linked up twice! #30 and #31 (would you please delete one)? So glad you stopped by and are following – new Linky follower here!
    Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

  6. Reply

    Visiting from The Artsy Girl Connection Follower Hop. New follower of your blog:> Your blog is too cute! Can’t wait to meet new bloggy friends. Feel free to stop by my blog too!

    • Tera
    • February 11, 2012

    So happy to find your blog through the Linky blog hop. I’m now a follower on Linky. Hope you can come check out my site, Thanks!

  7. Reply

    I found you on the blog hop, I’m your newest LF follower- would love it if you followed me too!

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