Little Green Bow Got a Makeover!

February 26, 2012, In: blogging & technology

I am so excited to show you the updates I have been working on to the design of Little Green Bow (if you’re reading this in a reader, click on over to check it out!). It’s been a busy weekend here! The color inspiration is from this beautiful palette I found at Design Seeds.

I love color and the combinations on that site are addictive. I could spend all day flipping through the gorgeous photography and corresponding palettes.

In case you can’t remember, here’s what the old design looked like:

Not bad, but as I continue to improve on my photoshop skills, I felt it was time to redesign.

Plus, I’ve been reading these awesome blog critiques by  Melissa Culbertson at MomComm. Those posts along with her awesome book, Do It Yourself Blog Critique, have helped me see areas of improvement that I had been missing. If you are looking to improve your blog, I highly recommend checking her out.

The new design includes an updated header, fonts, social media icons, sidebar headers, a new button, and improved color palette.

I’d love to know what you think in the comments and invite you to connect with me! Just click on one of the newly designed icons in the upper right sidebar or enter your email address in the form under them.

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    What a GREAT new look – so jealous!

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    Wow – it looks amazing!! I love that color palette, too.

    • Nikki
    • February 27, 2012

    Looks great! I love the shades of green too. Thanks for the recommendation to MomComm, I've been looking for a site like this because I need some updates and I plan to do them myself!

    • Reply

      Thanks! Yes, definitely check her out. Her blog critiques are so helpful. I like to find out what blog she's looking at and head over there first before reading her critique. I feel like I learn more and it's fun trying to train my eye.

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    I love the makeover !! It is beautiful! Totally inspires me to take another look at mine. 😉 Great job!

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      Thank you! Going through the SITS challenge made really want to redo the design, but I had to wait until we were done and I had more time.

  4. Reply

    LOVE LOVE the changes and color palette.

    • Reply

      Thank you, thank you! The photos you sent me inspired me to update it. So happy I did!

    • recipeforabeautifullife
    • February 27, 2012

    It looks great!

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    The makeover looks great! The greens make me long for spring big time! My blog needs some attention like this badly – you might have me inspired to get it done!

    • Reply

      Happy to provide motivation! Glad you like it!

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    Love the new look!

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