week one closet challenge recap

February 5, 2012, In: personal experiments

I’ve made it to the end of my first short week with my 30 day closet challenge. The first few days were tough because I cleaned out my entire closet. And by clean I mean that I took everything out and only put back the clothes I am going to wear for the next 30 days.

But I do have a confession to make…I have swapped a few things out over the course of these first days. I don’t feel I’ve cheated because if I wore something, it had to stay in my closet. So in the end, I will only have worn 30 items for 30 days, but choosing items for a whole month is hard. And it’s all complicated by the fact that it’s winter in Colorado, which means it could be 60 degrees or snowing. And it snowed a lot this week. 22.7 inches to be exact!

That event made me long for my Ugg Boots which had not been part of my original 30 items. I also swapped out my green blazer for my cream one and trimmed back on 2 t-shirts. You’ll notice I only have 28 items shown below. With the crazy Colorado weather, I feel it’s necessary to have a little wiggle room for 2 items. And who knows, I might make it with these 28. We’ll see. Here are the 30 28 items I will be wearing for the next month.

1. Gray Jeans | 2. Skinny Jeans | Olive Cargo Pants

30 for 30 - Pants

4. Olive Sweater | 5. Dark Purple Sweater

6. Beige 3/4 Sleeve Sweater | 7. Black Crop Sweater | 8. Gray Kimono Sweater

30 fo 30 Sweaters

9. Black Long Sleeve T | 10. Coral 3/4 Sleeve T | 11. White Long Sleeve T | 12. Black 3/4 Sleeve T

30 for 30 Long Sleeve T Shirts

13. Blue Tank Top | 14. White Tank Top | 15. Black Tank Top

30 for 30 Tank Tops

16. Gray T | 17. Black T | 18. Cream T | 19. Coral T

30 for 30 T Shirts

20. Aqua Cowl Neck T | 21. Brown T

30 for 30 T Shirts

22. Cream Blazer | 23. Gray Hoodie

30 for 30 Light Outerwear

24. Black Trench | 25. Brown Coat

30 for 30 Coats

26. Brown Boots | 27. Black Uggs | 28. Cream Tennis Shoes

30 for 30 Shoes

And here is what I wore for my first 4 days. (sorry for the day 1 photo. I tried to take the photo at night and the lighting was really bad so I had to lay it out on the bed the next morning instead.)

Day 1 (Olive Cargo Pants, Black 3/4 T, Beige T, Cream Tennis Shoes)

30 for 30 Challenge

Day 2 (Gray Jeans, Purple Sweater, White Tank, Black Chunky Necklace, Black Watch, Cream Tennis Shoes)

30 for 30 Challenge

30 for 30 Challenge

With my coat, scarf, and hat

Day 3 (Skinny Jeans, Black Long Sleeve T, Gray Hoodie, Black Uggs, Black Earrings)

30 for 30 Challenge

I finally figured out how to include my whole outfit!

Day 4 (Gray Jeans, White Long Sleeve T, Coral T, Purple Jade Necklace, Silver Earrings, Cream Tennis Shoes)

30 for 30 accessories

a close up of my accessories

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  2. Reply

    I'm doing this challenge too – so fun! I love your outfits – makes me wish for colder weather down here in NC. We have the same problem with multiple personality weather!

    • Reply

      Super fun! I've subscribed to your blog via google reader so that I can see all of your un outfits too.

    • Lamb
    • February 7, 2012

    Good morning! I just posted a little something on my blog that I think you *might* like 😉

    • Reply

      Thank you! That was a very fun competition and a very nice write up! I'll be adding your button later today. Cheers!

    • recipeforabeautifullife
    • February 6, 2012

    Great outfits. It's been so fun to see what everyone is putting together!

    • Reply

      Thanks! Are you doing it too?

        • recipeforabeautifullife
        • February 7, 2012

        I'm not, but I am keeping an eye on a bunch of people that are!

    • karahill
    • February 6, 2012

    Your outfits are great! (And you look great too!!) SO glad you are doing this challange. I have my clothes in a tiny section of my closet, and it is difficult to just go to that section. I too, have eyed my ugg boots, but luckily the weather has been way too warm for them…

    • Reply

      Aww thanks! I'm really enjoying the challenge. I think it would be difficult to still have my other clothes visible so good for you for looking past them.

  3. Reply

    That's a fun project! Where'd you hear about it? I think it would be really hard, too, especially during February in CO. In what part of CO do you live? Both my sisters are out there – 1 in Denver, 1 in Evergreen. The one in Evergreen was just saying this morning how crazy winter is out there – you guys just got all that snow but she said it'll probably be in the 60s for weeks shortly, just like you mentioned above.

    • Reply

      I found out about this from Kara at Everyday in Stilettos and Vanessa at Vanessa Schrotenboer Photography and decided to join in. So far, so good and I really like how it's making think about all of the stuff that was in my closet (now packed up in suitcases instead). I'm super close to your sisters since I'm in Boulder. We're pretty new to Colorado so I'm still figuring out the weather. I love snowboarding though and cherish snow in the winter. And since I grew up in Southern California, I am enjoying the seasons.

  4. Reply

    February would be a hard month! But then again I think you are like to have the same swings every month in Colorado.

    • Reply

      It's true, the weather can be a bit crazy here. But, I'll take the occasional snow in May in exchange for a few 60 degree days in January and February. Oh, and the SUN! We lived in Chicago for a while and 6-8 months of cold gray weather was not my thing.

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