Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment so I have teeth on my mind. While browsing Pinterest I found a few cute items worth sharing. But, I should warn you…there are some creepy and gross things related to teeth on Pinterest too. So be careful (or at least prepared) if you do your own search.

Here are a few of my favorites. For more, I invite you to check out my “Favorites of the Week” board. Are you on Pinterest too? If so, I’d love to follow each other. If you follow my boards, I’ll be sure to reciprocate. Cheers!




Source: via Lynn on Pinterest


Source: via Kim on Pinterest


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2 comments on “pinterest finds: all about teeth

  1. Natalie on said:

    Ha ha who knew you could find art/objects about teeth? Have a good trip to the dentist! Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS :)

  2. tracyann on said:

    But I think that the topic you have shared about the teethe here are lovely. Teeth is one of the best asset of everybody because it is where our smile formed. Thanks for sharing it.

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