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July 4, 2012, In: blogging & technology

It’s taken me a bit longer than I had hoped, but I am super excited to share the Sunshine Award with 10 amazing bloggers. I had so much fun visiting the bloggers that visited me for my SITS day. The comments were great and put me on cloud nine all week!

Even though I only picked 10 to highlight, I want you to know that I think you are all extremely talented and wonderful. So without further ado, thanks to these wonderful bloggers for inspiring me this week.

  • Never a Dull Date – I LOVE the idea behind this blog. My husband and I often struggle with coming up with date ideas so I am really looking forward to what Ashley and Adam have up their sleeves.
  • Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time – Don’t you just love that title?! Plus, she got a great sense of humor in her writing too.
  • Incredibly Fierce – A girl after my own heart with a desire to lead a minimalist lifestyle, Tiffany’s all about adventure. In her words it’s all about “living boldly [and] following your dreams.” Well said!
  • Bronx 2 Boulder – A local blogger in Boulder. Melanie writes about her life as a SAHM and her family’s transition to a new lifestyle outside of the big city.
  • Parenting is a Big Deal – Not one, but two local Boulder girls! Maybe I should set up a coffee date? This cute blog was started when she became a mom and learned that being a parent really is a big deal.
  • kreyv – Beautiful blog full of design inspiration. My eyes are in heaven looking at all of the fabulous stuff Jaime shares on kreyv (or “to crave” – yep, pretty perfect name).
  • Decoy Betty – Deidre is an American writing about her life in Australia. She has a great writing style and pulled me in with one of her recent posts about popcorn. What can I say, I love popcorn too although I’ve never had it with Brewer’s yeast. Maybe I should give it a try.
  • Love, Life, Surf – Christine is a down-to-earth mom of two from Brooklyn. She blogs about her life and her recent discovery of surfing. I loved her June challenge of having a green smoothy everyday. Sounds like a great way to modify my juice fast into everyday life.
  • Michelle Mossey – Reading Michelle’s most recent post had me both horrified and laughing out loud (thankfully I was home alone so no one thought I was crazy). Check it out. I don’t have any children yet so I have not been through childbirth, but yikes(!) I can totally see why she wanted to axe kick her doctor in the face.
  • Itsy Bitsy Brianna – Brianna reached out to me when she came across our DIY couch. Turns out it was just what she was looking for. She and her dad recently completed a project similar to our couch and it’s beautiful! I am amazed at her work and am humbled and honored that I could help her with her beautiful living space. You rocked it!

I would love for you to continue this and share the nomination with 10 other bloggers. It will make their day and everyone loves that!

Oh, and since it’s been a couple weeks since I wrote about my nomination, here are the ground rules again…

  • Thank the person who gave you the Sunshine Award and link back to them
  • Answer the 10 questions (below) about yourself on your blog
  • Select 10 more bloggers to pass the Sunshine Award on to and link to their blog
  • Copy and paste the Sunshine Award picture to your blog

Here are the questions to answer. If you want to see my answers, head on over to my original Sunshine Award post.

  1. Favorite Color?
  2. Favorite Animal?
  3. Favorite Number?
  4. Favorite Drink?
  5. Facebook or Twitter?
  6. Good Book or Good Movie?
  7. Your Passion?
  8. Giving or Getting Presents?
  9. Favorite Day?
  10. Favorite Flower?
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    Thank you so much for the blog love!! I was so happy to discover your blog through SITS and I'm excited to check out some of these other blogs!
    My recent post Scenes from my weekend – Cousins, Heat and Water

  2. Reply

    Thank you so much for giving some love to my blog! I wish I could say I was eating a bowl of popcorn as I type, but alas I'm not!

    Thanks again!
    My recent post Are you flexible?

  3. Reply

    Thank you so much for including me in this list! I've discovered from new faves from it too!
    My recent post 12 Day Trip. 1 Suit Case. No Stress.

  4. Reply

    Congratulations on the award! You deserve it :)
    My recent post Our 4th of July in Pictures

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    Found your blog through SITS and am thrilled to have done so! Your projects are fantastic and are fun to read about. Your 30 for 30 challenge in particular is starting to make my brain tick… it might go on my ever-growing list of projects to try. :) Looking forward to reading more from you! Hope you had a happy 4th.
    My recent post Project Life: Weeks 2-4

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