July challenge: Thoughts & Results

September 6, 2012, In: personal experiments

In case you forgot, July’s challenge was to go the whole month without drinking alcohol. Now why would anyone do that?

Well, first of all, I never wanted these challenges to be super easy. Where’s the fun (growing, learning, etc.) in that? Second, the timing was decent. We went to visit my family at the end of the month and since they don’t drink much (if at all) I knew that would make it easier.

But, what about the 4th of July, you ask? Here’s a sad fact…we did not even celebrate it. Oops! I mean, it fell on a Wednesday and since my husband and I run our own business, we used the time to catch up on things without customers expecting our attention. Now, if it had been on a weekend, we would have gone camping and I would have been in serious trouble.

Enjoying a yummy virgin margarita at a local mexican restaurant

So how do you recap a challenge like this? It’s not like there are any real results to share. Despite popular belief, I did not lose any weight and as far as I know, no one thought I was pregnant. Well, they probably did, but didn’t ask.

One thing I learned was that it was not as hard as I thought. The restaurants and bars here have delicious non-alcoholic alternatives that could easily fill the place on a night out or at happy hour. It was nice exploring my options.

I will repeat one of my earlier realizations though. It was actually harder to tell people I was not drinking and why than avoiding alcohol in the first place. I guess I was just nervous about what they would think about me. Stupid, I know, but we all have some insecurities to overcome.

In the end, this challenge was pretty easy for me because alcohol does not play a big role in my life. I drink at social occasions, have wine with dinner on the weekends (usually), and enjoy learning how the stuff is made at winery and brewery tours, but that’s it. Drinking is not an everyday occurrence so going sober for 30 days ended up not being the challenging part. Overcoming my insecurities of what others would think was the challenge after all.

    • Ashleen Moreen
    • September 9, 2012

    Oh, if I would challenge myself into a whole month alcohol-free month, then that would really be easy to me too, since I am not alcoholic and as far as I can remember, the last time I drink alcohol was 3 years ago.

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