challenge: packing light & fashionable

October 1, 2012, In: personal experiments, Travel Near & Far

Our European trip is coming up soon so this month’s challenge is going to be all about packing light. Traveling with only a carry-on is something that I do regularly, but I do not usually worry so much about being fashionable.

We’ve traveled on two international trips and each time I’ve only taken a carry-on. When we went to Guatemala we packed for hiking and a lot of walking. There were lots of cargo pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. However, we were also there for a wedding so I did have to pack one nice outfit and another set of shoes.

Traveling light in Antigua, Guatemala

Packing light for this trip meant cargo pants, tank tops and layers.

Our other international trip was to Brazil and Argentina. Again, there was a lot of hiking, but this trip included more time in the cities as well. It was warm so we did not need to take as much as some of our time was spent on the beach. However, on that trip we actually packed our snowboarding pants because we went hiking on a glacier. Trick to that was putting them in a ziploc bag and pushing all of the air out.

At the glacier in Argentina

We packed all of these clothes with the exception of Brett's jacket.

I’m looking forward to finding some great pieces that will mix and match well. As part of this challenge I will be showing off some of my favorite looks, tips for packing light, and a comparison of my virtual wardrobe built on Polyvore vs. my actual wardrobe that I will be taking with me.

Do you pack light when you travel? Let me know any tips you have in the comments.

    • Paloma
    • October 5, 2012

    that’s so nice! Very good pics! TY for sharing!

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