no swearing challenge

November 17, 2012, In: personal experiments

Time for a new challenge! I’ve been wondering what to do for this challenge for a while and was talking with a friend about it. She listed a few challenges she’s been considering and one stuck out.

No swearing for a month.

I will admit that my mouth has gotten a bit worse since I started my company. Not because it’s hard…although it is. Not because customers can be difficult…although they can be sometimes. It because in a male-dominated field of tech startups, it’s hard not to pick up a few bad habits.

And this potty mouth is one that has gotten a bit out of control. Don’t get me wrong – cursing has it’s place and I will not give it up forever. But, just like I give up coffee and caffeine every one in a while because I hate being addicted to anything, I think it’s time I tried to give up swearing for 30 days. It will help me be more aware of what is coming out of my mouth. Plus, it seems appropriate since a few of the challenges this year have concentrated on what I’ve been putting in my mouth.

So the challenge will run from today through December 16th. I plan to have a swear jar to track how much I slip up through out the month. I’m working out the monetary value of the punishment now, but I expect it to be weighted.

Should be interesting!

    • Megan
    • November 26, 2012

    Oh shit. Good thing I read this post… I don’t know if I could do that. I’m surrounded by people who curse, it’s become subconscious. Although when my son gets old enough to repeat what I say, I’ll stop then;)

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