November challenge update: the swear jar

November 27, 2012, In: personal experiments

November’s challenge got started a bit late, but I plan to run it through December. Which means in less than a week, I will be doing two challenges at once. Yikes!

To refresh your memory, this month’s challenge was to go 30-days without swearing. Since I knew this would be impossible, I needed to come up with a way to track my progress and of course the swear jar came to mind. It seems like a good way to keep myself honest and measure how I did at the end of the month.

But, I also wanted to weigh the offenses. In my opinion some swear words are more powerful or sound worse than others. F-bombs come to mind. So, here is how I plan to “price” swear words:

Level 1 offense: $0.25 – Low level swear words. Think of the words you can now say on television, but you would not bring up around the dinner table or in a business meeting.
Level 2 offense: $0.50 – Mid level swear words. Those you cannot say on television (although this is very confusing) including the s-word.
Level 3 offense: $1.00 – The big boy. This one is reserved for the f-bomb.

Side note: as I write this I am contemplating what my mother and mother-in-law are thinking. I keep myself in check around family, but now they know I have a bit of a potty mouth at home…oops!

Another side note: After looking up what words can and cannot be said on TV I was shocked by some of the word lists that came up. When I refer to swear words, I am NOT referring to slurs, derogatory language or sex acts. Really, I’m not a pubescent boy. I just drop a few f-bombs here or there.

When my husband and I were discussing this last week, he asked what I planned to do with the money. He suggested I donate it, which I think is GREAT, but I am really hoping it will not amount to that much at the end of the 30-days. What do you think I should do with the money? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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    Where can I find and purchase the swear jar as pictured?

    • Megan
    • December 3, 2012

    uh oh I think I owe you some money…

      • Megan
      • December 3, 2012

      that is if other people participate as well

    • Kristin
    • November 28, 2012

    I think donating is a great idea – what seems like a little to you could be a lot to someone else or when combined with others…

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