baby check-in: 27 weeks

March 26, 2013, In: baby

Ups and downs. Ups and downs. That’s how pregnancies flow. This has been a pretty good week as far as my growing belly goes. A bit rockier on the business front, but nothing that won’t make us stronger or a better company. I also found out that my parents are selling their house – my childhood home. I am super excited for them, but I know I will be emotional when the house is gone. Trying to brace myself for it now before I go back this weekend for one last look.

Oh, and sorry for the day-late post. It was a crazy weekend as I predicted last week with the business update.

Week 27 baby bump progress

If you can’t read the board, here are the stats:

Alias: Peanut/Skeeziks
Age: 27 weeks
Sex: Girl
Height: ~14.5 in.
Weight: ~2 lb.
Notes: Baby has hiccups that can be felt by mama (oops! I forgot a picture)

How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain? 25.8 pounds
Maternity clothes? Not turning back now. Shopping for the third trimester is still on my to-do list.
Sleep? Brett was out of town Thursday night so that night was pretty rough. But, other than that, my sleep has been great.
Miss anything? The mountains with their beautiful snow on a sunny day! Brett was in the mountains on Thursday and Friday snowboarding with friends and I definitely felt some pangs of jealousy. Of course, I would not change being pregnant for a few days on the slopes, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss it.
Movement? This little one likes to shake and jive.
Cravings? Salt, salt and more salt. Balanced out by something sweet of course!
Aversions? Nope
Gender: Girl
Labor signs? Nuh uh
Wedding ring on or off? On
Looking forward to: Visiting my family this weekend!!!

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