9 Things I Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix

April 23, 2013, In: blogging & technology

I’m sitting here sipping hot cocoa from a mug that is warming my hands and I am wishing I was back in Phoenix for Bloggy Boot Camp with the SITS girls. Not because the weather was so much better (although that was great too), but because it was such an awesome experience.

It was an information packed two days that also allowed me to meet some amazing bloggers and get a new perspective and enthusiasm for Little Green Bow. The only downside is that I now have pages of notes I want to implement.

Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix 2013

The session in Phoenix was all about the business of blogging which was perfect for me since I am at a place where I want to be making some money from all of the hours I spend on here. Sessions included things like working with brands and PR companies, making money from online jobs, creating amazing sponsored posts, building your blog like a business, and utilizing social media and SEO properly.

But, one of my biggest epiphanies from the event came after the first night when I realized that I was not blogging about what I live on a daily basis. Of course, my baby bump posts are real and that is my weekly progress, but since becoming pregnant (and actually while trying too) I have become obsessed about eco-friendly products. It was something Tiffany said that made me wonder why had I not written about this stuff yet. So look out for some posts about what’s on our registry, changes I’ve made in our home, and tips for buying eco-friendly products.

However, that’s pretty specific to me and I want to share some tips that will help you with your blog too. So, here are 9 things I learned from Bloggy Boot Camp.

1. Go alone. It’s great if you know some of the bloggers there, but I found it was pretty easy to stick close to the first few people I met. Once I realized that, I made it a point to break off and meet new people. If I had been there with a close friend, it would have been really difficult to meet a lot of new people and that’s one of the best perks of a live event – new friendships.

2. Don’t be afraid. Everyone at these events is there for a different reason. Come up with your own mission for the conference and do not let other people make you feel inferior or lacking in any way. We all have different goals and dreams.

3. Bring business cards. Don’t be like me and forget to order them in time. I had to make my own cards last minute and print them out in black and white at the hotel because I did not plan properly. Oh well, I was still able to get my contact information out there.

4. Make the most of your time. By the end of the day I was really tired, but I knew this was a fleeting moment and I needed to take full advantage. I stayed late both nights chatting with new people and making more friends.

5. Remember to smile and be nice. People are drawn to happy friendly people and a smile is a great way to start. Just try being grumpy around someone that is smiling. It’s pretty difficult and it makes you feel better too.

6. Set goals before and after the event. There was a great post on the SITS Girls before the event that talked about setting goals. I tried to and, at the least, it got me thinking about the conference strategically. However, I took away so much information from the event that I needed to create new goals so that I could utilize it all effectively. Still working on it, but it’s coming.

7. Get into video. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not really into putting myself on video, but I know it’s vital for my blogging success. That’s one of the key points I took away from BBC…brands love videos! Hopefully I will be able to add one to my about page soon.

8. Take lots of pictures. I made a resolution once to not live through my pictures and be present in the moment because I used to miss out on things behind the camera. However, now I’ve taken it to the other extreme and need to take more pictures. Also, it’s not best to rely on other people’s pictures (unless you can take their SD card and upload the pictures right away) because you never know when they will post or share them.

Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix - Little Green Bow and Tiffany Romero

Tiffany and I at Day 2 of Bloggy Boot Camp. At least I got one photo to prove I was there!

9. If it’s not a HELL YEAH, it’s a NO! This was the last topic presented at the conference and it really hit home. How many times in our lives do we say yes to things we really do not want to do? For me, it’s more often than I’d like. However, with a little one on the way, I need to say no more often, unless it really excites me. This will keep me more energised and focused on the things that are most important to me. Thanks for giving me permission to say no Tiffany and Danielle!

It was an awesome experience and I feel so lucky to have won my ticket to attend. Otherwise, this pregnant mama probably would have let the opportunity slip by and that would have been a shame. But, now that I’ve been to a blogging conference I cannot wait to go to another one. Of course, I’m grounded for a while with the little one, but I plan to be at a BBC next year. Hopefully I will see you there. You won’t regret it!

    • Rachel @ Ongoing Planner
    • April 25, 2013

    Thanks for sharing! I really would love to make my blog a bigger priority since I personally get so much out of having it. I will definitely add going to a BBC to my to do list!

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