I LOVE the USPS … here’s why

December 18, 2013, In: Lifestyle Design

So that might not be a popular statement this time of year. I mean there are usually lines out the door and the wait can take for-ev-er. All you want to do is mail your gifts to the precious people in your life – not stand in line wasting your valuable time. Come on…you already spent enough time in line at the mall, right?

Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to stand in line at the post office. Did you know that there’s a secret, no hassle way to ship your presents? And not only do you not have to wait in line, your mail carrier will actually come and pick up the package from you. Can I tell you what a lifesaver that is for a mama with a baby?!?!

That’s right! We’re in the 21st century…the Internet age!

You no longer have to step foot in a post office. If you plan ahead you can even have them drop off how ever many priority boxes you need for free! Once your presents are wrapped and your package is ready, just seal it up and head to USPS.com. You can even stay in your PJs and sip a steaming cup of coffee if you want.

From there you can pay for the shipping via a credit/debit card or Paypal (another perk for me since I use my Etsy earnings to pay for some holiday shopping). Then print your label, stick it to your sealed box and schedule your pickup.

But that’s not all. The website said I could get same day pickup if I scheduled before 2:00pm CT (not necessary this time, but great to know in the future). And I also saved $1.50 by doing it all on line.

So, let me get this straight…the USPS saves me time and hassle by having someone come to me to get my package, I no longer have to wait in line, and they give me a discount for the convenience. Yep! Sign me up!!!

I love the USPS for Christmas Present Shipping

Christmas presents all set to ship!

* I was in no way compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own experience.

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