Check out my new adventures: 30 Day Locals

October 16, 2014, In: Travel Near & Far

Do you ever wished you’d travelled more when you were younger? Well, my husband and I do.

When our daughter was born, we suddenly felt like we were closing the door on our youth and knew that settling down was the logical next step.

Except that we kept fighting it tooth and nail. The wanderlust just would not go away. So, we did what anyone would do…ummm, maybe not.

We’re bucking convention and following our dreams. In order to satisfy our desire to see the world, we’re going out to do just that! We’re traveling to a different country every month to see how people around the world live. We’re calling it 30 Day Locals and blogging about our experiences.

30 Day Locals - Family World Travel

We’ve just begun our adventures and hope we can inspire others to live their dreams (whatever they are) and show parents that it is possible to travel with their children.

Please come on by and check it out. You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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