And I’m Back!

March 27, 2015, In: house updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been regularly posting on this blog. And for good reason. We had a baby and I just never really got comfortable trying to turn this into a mommy blog. Then we spent the second half of 2014 traveling Europe so I was not really able to create DIY projects or work on home projects while staying in someone’s Airbnb rental.

But, now that our travels are over, we have decided to settle down in Des Moines, IA. Part of that settling down includes buying a house and luckily for us, it has a few projects that we are looking forward to working on ourselves.

Here’s our new house. It was built in 1918 so it’s just a couple of years older than Brett’s grandma. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 1244 square feet of living space, plus a dining room and bonus room which will be Eleanor’s playroom. I am so excited to start making some updates. Stay tuned for all of our upcoming projects. Hit or miss – they will all be posted here.


And just so you have an idea of where we are starting from, here are a few before pictures:


This is the front living room. Isn’t that a lovely wall color?!? We call it salmon and will be changing it just as soon as we can!


This is looking from the living room into the dining room. Not sure why the paint looks so pink here. It really is more orange.


Another look at the living room. I really do love all the woodwork though.


A look back at the living room from the dining room.


And the kitchen that needs a lot of help.


This is one of the bedrooms upstairs. The other 2 bedrooms are painted white, but this one has not one, but two lovely shades of sea foam green on it’s walls. (You can read my sarcasm, right?)

BathroomFinally, this is the upstairs bathroom. It doesn’t need too much although I would love to change the flooring. We’ll see if we get to it. It does have a beautiful claw foot tub though. Honest. I love that about it.

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