The Grass is NOT Greener – Just Different

April 30, 2015, In: Lifestyle Design, Travel Near & Far


How many of you look at others and think, “Man, they have it all!”?

I am here to tell you they DON’T.

Well, maybe they have some things you want…bigger house, fancier car, really high paying job. On the surface, these things seem great and as a society we often believe these things will make us happy. But, have you ever stopped to think about what it all means…

A bigger house means more rooms to clean, more furniture to buy (or make), and more space to heat or cool. Not to mention higher property taxes.

A fancier car means having to fill up with premium gas and having to pay for premium car insurance.

A higher paying job probably means you will have to spend more on professional clothes and work lunches. You might also have to take on more stress and work longer hours.

Plus, if you have the bigger house and fancier car, the extra money you make from that high paying job will be spent on those things and not on fun activities or time with the family (as most of us imagine).

Now, I’m not saying you should settle for a run-down house, beat-up jalopy, or crappy job that barely pays the bills. We need goals and something bigger to strive for.

My hope for you is that you can determine those goals for yourself without comparisons. Think about what really makes you happy. What do you think about as you fall asleep? What would get you out of bed quickly and joyfully in the morning?

I want to fill you in on a story from my own life. My husband and I have decided the big house and fancy SUVs are not for us. Our quest for happiness focuses on life experiences and we are willing to trade material items for these experiences. As such, we recently spent 6 months traveling Europe as a family and working from home. It was a very eye-opening experience and one we look back on fondly. I want to be honest with you though – it was very stressful at times. There were lots of adjustments as the 3 of us got used to spending 24 hours a day together in different cultures. I’ll fill you in more on another post as it’s a bit off topic.

The point is people back home looked at us like we were on vacation for 6 months. While in reality, we just exchanged our living environment. We were still working (crazy hours actually and often until midnight due to the time difference), raising our daughter, living a normal life, and exploring new cities.

While I wish the 6 months could have been filled with unlimited pints, tapas, leisurely strolls and lazy mornings, that was not our reality. We had a blast and would do it again, but even though I tell people we just exchanged one home for another, they still don’t get it. I think we all want to keep this dream alive somewhere that others have it figured out. For that, I am happy to help inspire others. So…

Keep dreaming.

Keep planning.

Keep working toward more.

But, know that you need to do what will make YOUR heart happy. You cannot live for other’s expectations or for society’s.

Remember that almost everyone is just learning as they go along. We do ourselves a disservice by automatically thinking that everyone else has it figured out when that is seldom the case.

What are your dreams? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below so that we can all encourage and inspire each other on our journeys.

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    So true! I believe this also and you have put it much more succinctly than I ever could have. Thanks for the great article

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