Confidence Begins with Style – Trying Stitch Fix for the First Time

May 9, 2015, In: Your Best Self

Are you bored with your closet? I know I am. And I’m not alone. Research shows that the average American purchases 64 articles of clothing each year!

Selling most of what we owned last year was great, but the sad thing about clothes is that they wear out over time – especially when you wear the same ones over and over again for months on end. Looking at my closet recently and the 12 items hanging up (none of which make me feel great), I knew it was time to make a few purchases.

Trouble is, I hate going shopping at the mall. First, I feel like everyone will have the same clothes. Second, I make more impulse buys when I have an ocean of pretty things in front of me. Third, it takes too long and our toddler has zero patience. And finally, I need help with my style so shopping on my own is difficult.

That’s why I’m trying Stitch Fix for the first time. Have you heard of them? They claim to be your “partner in personal style”. You complete an online profile and one of their stylists creates a “fix” of 5 clothing and accessory items for you. The pieces are delivered to your front door and you have 3 days to try them on from the privacy of your own home. You send back what you don’t want in a pre-paid envelope.

Stitch Fix First Try | Little Green Bow

Confession time…I have always struggled with finding my signature style. Ever since I started picking out my own clothes my choices have been safe. I know I don’t want a closet full of trendy clothes that will be out of style next year. That’s why I lean toward classic styles with a timeless look, but my clothes and style are boring me. So, I figured I’d give Stitch Fix a try to see if they couldn’t help.

The saying goes, clothes do not make the person. I mostly believe that to be true. However, when you like what you are wearing you feel more confident and that radiates through. I definitely have not been radiating confidence so it’s time for me to get a boost from my wardrobe. Hoping this will be the ticket.

We’ll see how it goes. Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Did you like it?

And if you’re curious about the styles I like and want to emulate, you can check out my Pinterest Style Board.

Pinterest Style Board | Little Green Bow

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, I will be compensated with clothing credits. Thank you for helping me with my wardrobe and confidence levels. 

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