May is Melanoma Awareness Month – Are You Prepared?

May 3, 2015, In: Family Life, Your Best Self

Four years ago we lost my father-in-law to metastatic melanoma. The disease was terrible and it took him from us very quickly. Since that time, we have been working to raise funds and awareness of melanoma so that we can keep others from suffering the same fate.

A friend of mine shared this video with me recently and it made me stop in my tracks. These people are getting a chance to see themselves through an ultraviolet lens. It shows us that even though we may not see the sun damage on the surface, it’s there – aging us and exposing us to danger.

The video is really powerful and I encourage you to watch it. While you do, think about what you would’ve seen had you been on the other side of the lens that day. What do you think your skin looks like under the surface?

The main take away for me was that it’s a little late in the game for me, but not my daughter. Her 2-year-old skin is still perfect. She has not been exposed to the sun that much and when we do go out, she wears a hat and sunscreen. Of course, I am still wearing my sunblock everyday too, but there is damage that has already been done.

I hope it moves you to do the same for your little ones. I know they probably hate putting on sunscreen – Eleanor’s just starting to protest, but it’s for her own good and I’m the parent. My job is to protect and teach.

Now, I just wish it were easier to take this ultraviolet technology to the masses. Each year we host a golf tournament in honor of my late father-in-law. It would be so powerful to have this camera available. As people, we tend to think these things will not happen to us, but the sun is beating down on us all. It is providing us life and potentially taking it away at the same time.

As the weather warms up, please make sure you are protecting your loved ones. I’ll be sharing my favorite sunblocks and what to expect at a skin cancer screening in the coming weeks as part of my Melanoma Awareness Month Series. Stay tuned (Update: the posts are up so go check them out).


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