What I Kept from My First Fix – A Stitch Fix Review

May 26, 2015, In: Your Best Self

I promised I would share with you the items that arrived in my first Stitch Fix box. I was very nervous to sign up because I was just not sure how the process was going to turn out. But, I found signing up for Stitch Fix and getting my first order was not only easy, but fun.

The packaging from Stitch Fix was great and I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening my “present”.



One you sign up, Stitch Fix will send you 5 clothing items on a regular basis – you get to decide how often. My first box included 2 shirts, one cardigan, one pair of pants, and a necklace.

Stitch Fix Review: Whats in My First Fix

I have heard that it can take a few “fixes” for your stylist to understand what you are really looking for, so I was pleasantly surprised by my first order. I immediately liked the cardigan without even trying it on. The necklace looked interesting as did the shirts, but I was pretty sure the pants were not going to make the cut.

Stitch Fix provides style cards so you can see each item paired with other clothing pieces to make an outfit. I would say it was helpful, but not mind shattering.


Okay, let me be really honest with you for just a second. I wanted to show you how the clothes looked on, because it’s hard to tell how something really looks on the hanger. But, once I convinced my husband to take pictures of me (thankfully Eleanor was napping), I felt totally silly, embarrassed, and shy. The modeling photos are below and I now have a much better appreciation for all of the models out there.


I love this cardigan! It’s super comfortable and feels great on. It even has this awesome detail where the collar flows right into the pockets.


Another look at the cardigan because my hands look lost in that last photo.

What I Kept from My First Fix - A Stitch Fix Review

I did not keep this shirt. It was too big and the cut is not right for my build.

What I Kept from My First Fix - A Stitch Fix Review

I did not end up keeping this top, although it’s cute in this photo. Brett hated the print and since he’ll be the one who sees it the most I decided it was not worth it.

What I Kept from My First Fix - A Stitch Fix Review

I did not keep these pants. They just did not fit right and I do not have many opportunities to wear pants like this.

What I Kept from My First Fix - A Stitch Fix Review

Here’s a close up of the pant detail. The pattern was subtle, but still just not me.

In the end I kept the cardigan and necklace. The other items were mailed back and I provided detailed feedback for my stylist so that she can make it better next time.

What do you think of my first Stitch Fix Box? What would you have kept? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, I will be compensated with clothing credits. Thank you for helping me with my wardrobe. 

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    I ‘ve been using Stitch Fix for a few months now and agree with you that it feels like Christmas morning whenever the box arrives. So far, I’ve been pretty happy with what they’ve sent me and I feel like my stylist is spot on with her choices. For someone like me, who is not very good at shopping and doesn’t have much time to do it, Stitch Fix has been wonderful!

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      I agree that the time savings has been awesome. Anything I can put on autopilot works best for me right now.

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