Stitch Fix Review #2: That Time I Sent It All Back

July 2, 2015, In: Your Best Self

Let me just start this by saying that I love the idea of Stitch Fix and emotionally I think it has a really great hook. However, one of the things I promise to you, my readers, is that I will always try to be honest and give it to you straight.

That’s why I need to tell you that I am on the fence with Stitch Fix.

My first fix was actually really great. Perhaps I had low expectations because it was my first order and I’ve read that the service gets better over time. Or maybe I had a really great stylist who just “got it”. Either way, after that first fix I was really excited to see how things progressed.

Then, this happened…

Fix #2.

Oh, how excited I was to open this box.

Stitch Fix Review - Why I Sent It All Back

Upon first glance I was still excited. The colors looked enticing and the last fix had been awesome. Plus, I was leaving for a trip out to Arizona to visit my parents and California for my niece’s high school graduation. I had asked for a couple of specific items and could not wait to try them on.

Then I opened the package.

Here are all of the items laid out. I was so disappointed when trying them on that I did not even want to be seen in these clothes. I also forgot to take individual photos. Oops.

Stitch Fix Fail

I had asked for skinny jeans and a summer dress appropriate for a graduation (that still worked well with regular bra straps). Here’s the problem, the jeans were priced at $118. I have no problem paying that much for jeans if they are AMAZING since I wear them all the time. These were ok. The other items – Not. So. Much.

Stitch Fix Review - Skinny Jeans | Level 99

The orange eyelet lace dress felt like a petite cut. When I put it on I looked like I was wearing a children’s dress. What cool, chic mom wears eyelet lace? I have a toddler, I do not wish to dress like one.

Stitch Fix Review - London Times | Evaline Eyelet Dress

The coral sleeveless shirt was actually pretty cute out of the box, but it was so big that I swam in it. This would have been ok had I not returned an almost identical shirt the time before. And the first shirt fit much better!

Stitch Fix Review - Papermoon | Norris Henley Top

The white shirt was another complete miss. I am and hourglass figure so boxy, flowy shirts do not cut it. Also, all white with a toddler is a no-no, but I guess I would not know that if I did not have kids. I also must be the only one who received this top because Stitch Fix didn’t even take the time to photograph it and I could not find it online.

Stitch Fix Fail Review

But, the coup de grâce was really these earrings. From a children’s dress to granny’s studs. Yikes! Plus, I kept a really cute necklace from the first fix so why wouldn’t you send something that went well with that? Thanks to Wild Ginger for posting photos of her fix where she received these too.

Stitch Fix Review - Bay to Baubles | Abbie Stone Stud Earrings

Perhaps I am too picky. However, in the end I think it comes down to the $20 styling fee. I hate throwing away money so as long as there is one item I love (I’d even settle for like) in the fix, it might be ok. There’s just something that rubs me the wrong way about that styling fee though. It’s like I need to choose something or it was a waste and I hate that feeling. What’s a girl to do?


Well, I sent everything back and ate the styling fee. I made sure I gave very detailed feedback after my second fix. This round was a complete disaster so I’m not sure where to go from here. I’ve written to their support staff so I will let you know what happens. Fingers crossed.

What do you think? Have you tried Stitch Fix? Have you ever had an experience like me? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

  1. Thanks for the photo creds…sorry about your box. I just got my second and I’m super pumped about it. I’ve heard of a few others though..I’m said you didn’t have more color in there. Totally get you on the dress and the white shirt. Toddler friendly is HUGE!

    here was my box:

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