A few weeks ago I ran across the cutest pillow on Be Different Act Normal. It was a guest post by Crafty CPA and I thought…I could do that! I had a few pillows covers that I sewed a few years ago and they were REALLY bad so it was definitely time for an update. How do you think I did?

How to make a french know pillow

I absolutely love my new pillow and I can’t wait until I have a better place to put it instead of my mantel. Ha! But, of course, every mantel needs a pillow…didn’t you know? If you’d like to make a French Knot pillow of your own, here’s how I made mine with a few modifications from the Crafty CPA’s instructions.

1. Learn how to make a french knot. I followed this great video tutorial and experimented with both 2 and 3 rotation versions. I even mixed it up on my pillow to give it more depth and dimension.

If you’re having difficulty watching the video, follow this link: how to make a french knot video.
2. Mark the pattern on the backside of the pillow. I think the other instructions said to make the marks on the front with removable ink, but it’s just as easy to mark the backside and not worry about removing the lines. I used a dinner plate, salad plate and small bowl. For the smallest circle, I turned the small bowl right-side-up and traced the bottom. Start with the largest circle and work in so you can see the lines when centering the marks.

How to make a french knot pillow instructions3. Start on the outside circle and make french knots every 1-2 inches. I just eyeballed the distance between knots as I went.

4. Continue making knots on the circles and vary the spacing so that they do not line up perfectly. This pillow is pretty forgiving, but looks best when things are not in a perfect line.
5. Make the envelope fold on the backside. For the back, take 2 rectangular pieces of fabric, iron in a fold and pin them to your pillow front (right sides in with the folds overlapping). Sew around the edge of your pillow and over the folds. When you turn the pillow cover inside out, you will have a envelope fold that you can squeeze your pillow through. This is a super easy way to finish this pillow off.
6. Sit back and enjoy your work!

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