Today, I’m going to share a little bit of a party trick with you. Have you ever wondered how to cut a glass bottle? Turns out, it’s pretty easy and you can do it from home with a few simple items from around the house.
I’m working on my valentine decorations and was thinking of things to put on our mantle. We have several empty wine bottles just waiting to be used in a creative way so I decided to finally use them. But instead of using them whole, I cut the tops off. And I did it in about 15 minutes! Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

* a glass bottle
* twine or yarn
* nail polish remover
* match or lighter
* a sink filled with cold water
* sand paper (I used 100 grit)

1. Wrap the yarn around the bottle 5 times and tie the ends in a knot. Once tied, trim the ends short. (shorter than pictured below)
How to cut glass at home
2. Remove the yarn and soak in nail polish remover.
3. Put the soaked yarn, back around the bottle where you want it cut.
4. Carefully light the yarn on fire. Rotate the bottle while burning to evenly distribute the heat. Keep the opening level or even pointed down so the heat does not escape.
Cutting glass with supplies from home
5. When the flame begins to die down, dunk the glass in cold water. It will break where the yarn was.
DIY Wine Bottle Crafts
6. Sand the glass so it is no longer sharp.
Cutting glass at home
Both of the bottles I cut, ended up with small cracks around the opening. I’m not sure if I used too much nail polish remover, if the water was too cold, or if my yarn circle was too thick. I decided that since I’m not planning to drink out of them, it’s fine for my purpose. However, since it’s such a quick project I’ll probably keep experimenting until I get a smoother cut.

I had planned to paint these white, but after adding the puffy paint, I chose to leave them as is. We’ll see if I still like them like this after I get more mantle decorations up.

How to cut glass with supplies around the house

P.S. It turns out this did not work with the large mouthed pickle jar. It’s probably because the heat escaped out the large opening. Let me know if you’ve had success with wide mouthed jars and leave some tips in the comments below.