We had friends over for dinner the other night and since one of them is vegetarian, I set out to find something yummy to make. And boy did I find it!
These Green Goddess Enchiladas were fantastic, if I do say so myself!
Green Goddess Enchiladas Recipe
I found the recipe on Pinterest and pinned it for a rainy day. I was so glad I chose to make these. I paired them with Spanish rice, grilled peppers, and margaritas. I served the meat eaters this amazing chicken enchiladas recipe so we could share sides. (I’ll share that recipe soon Update: recipe is available here).
The ingredient list is a little intimidating, but that’s only because you are making your own sauce too. Generally you can just pick up a can of enchilada sauce to cut down on a few of the steps.
Green Goddess Enchilada Ingredients
Starting with the enchilada filling, saute the canned goods until all of the liquid is evaporated. This is very important as the sauce is pretty runny to start so more liquid would be a bad thing.
How to make Green Goddess Enchiladas
Then, move on to making the sauce. Work in batches if your food processor is on the small side (like mine) or use the blender. Whatever’s easiest really. Looking at this photo, I probably could have blended mine a bit longer.
Green Goddess Enchilada Sauce
Fill your tortillas with your enchilada filling, wrap them up and put in your 9×13 baking pan. You’ll want to put some sauce on the bottom of the pan to keep these from sticking first. Like I said, the sauce will be runny, but will thicken while cooking.  
Delicious Green Goddess Enchiladas Recipe
I hope you enjoy these as much as we did. While not a staple in our house, I will definitely be making these again.
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