I would call this month’s challenge both a success and cheat. Even though it was incredibly short and I did a pretty bad job documenting, I was able to cook a full day of meals over the campfire with items that had not been prepared at home (well, mostly). The cheating part comes into play with a few of the meals that either started with some preparation at home or were provided by our camp neighbors.
But, I like to focus on the successful part.
I was able to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert on open flame. Breakfast was eggs cooked in an orange shell. Lunch was grilled sandwiches and potatoes. Dinner was a foil dinner with turkey meatballs, potatoes, and carrots. And dessert was s’mores of course.
Let’s start with breakfast – eggs cooked in an orange shell. The ingredients were super simple; one orange and two eggs.

First, you need to cut off the top of the orange so you can scoop out all of the pulp while keeping the peel in tact.

This proved to be a little difficult with my plastic spoon.

However, after a decent amount of effort, I was treated to the yummy orange, a bit of juice and a perfectly hollowed out orange peel.

Then, I cracked two eggs into the shell and mixed them up. Be careful not to spill it while you scramble them up a bit.

Place the top of the orange back in place and wrap in foil tightly.

Be sure to keep it right-side-up as you place it on the fire. Rotate it every few minutes to ensure even cooking. See that ball of foil in the lower left corner? That’s breakfast!

After about 10 minutes, your eggs should be cooked. Dig in and enjoy!

FYI, it was super delicious. The bit of orange left on the “lid” gave the inside just a hint of orange flavoring and kept it moist inside. You can see that the eggs cook up so they did overflow a bit (or I spilled a bit) and I thought that one egg might have fit better. But, after all of that work of digging out the orange, I was determined to get a more filling breakfast than one egg!
I did so great at breakfast that I totally forgot to take photos at lunch of my grilled sandwich! Basically I just made up a turkey sandwich with cheese, wrapped it in foil and placed it on the grill above the flame. After about 5 minutes on each side it was slightly grilled and warmed enough to melt the cheese.
Check out tomorrow’s post where I post about our yummy campfire foil dinners.