Okay so here it is…the big gender reveal!
On Friday afternoon we had our big 20-week ultrasound where they look at the baby’s anatomy to see if everything looks good and they can also determine the sex of the baby. We asked our technician not to tell us because we wanted to find out with our families the next day. So, we turned away when we got to that part and had her write it down on a card that I brought with us.
How did we tell our families?
Well, we had each of them join a Google Hangout so that we could all be on video chat together. There were 5 groups – Brett and I, my parents, Brett’s mom and brother, my sister, her boyfriend and my niece, and my nephew and his father. Unfortunately, my niece’s computer needed a software update so they had to join us via phone on Facetime. But, in the end it did not matter as technical difficulties kept us from being able to record the screen.  We thought we captured it, but nope – just 15 minutes of a black screen. So sad that we do not have photos of their reactions.
Earlier in the day, I took the card with the gender written inside and a big box to the florist counter at our grocery store. I asked the clerk to put one balloon in the box – blue for a boy or pink for a girl – and seal it up while I went and got some groceries. I picked it up on my way out the door and brought it home to wrap it up.
Gender Reveal Ideas
I wrapped the box so that the top tape line was exposed. Then I used an exacto knife to cut through the sides including the paper and side tape. This made it easy for me to open the box once everyone was ready.
Are you ready to know? You can either watch the video reveal or if you are too impatient you can scroll down and come back to the video.

Our Gender Reveal from Deanna on Vimeo.






Gender Reveal Ideas - Balloons
Here’s the card from the technician.
Gender Reveal Card
And a profile picture of our baby girl sucking her thumb!
baby profile ultrasound
We can hardly wait to meet her.
So had you guessed correctly? As you can tell from the video most of my family thought it was a boy. I think that’s because I thought it was a boy from the beginning as I was not sick. But, as I learned, the wive’s tales were almost all false. About 90% of them said boy. Ha!