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About Little Green BowI’m Deanna, the girl behind the blog. Over the past decade I’ve looked high and low – searching for what fulfills me and my family. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve lived in 5 states, moved dozens of times, worked countless jobs, ran a successful online businesses, and recently spent 6 months in Europe with our toddler. Okay, that last part was really cool. But, after years of trial and (I can’t really call them) errors, my husband and I have discovered how to craft the lifestyle that fits us and our daughter, Eleanor, best. My goal is that you can learn from me so you too can craft a life you love.

Little Green Bow is filled with tutorials and ideas to help you craft the awesome life you’ve been dreaming about. I curate some of the best life hacks out there so you can make those mundane life tasks easier. You will also find simple home decor and design inspiration in order to turn your home into a nurturing retreat. Want to get better at balancing family, work and fun? Good, because I’ve got a bit of that too along with some tips to keep your body healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Are you ready to make your life awesome? Let’s start crafting the life you love today.

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