Hey there! I want to help you say goodbye to chaos and hello to the gift of a calm, confident life.

This is what you can expect from me and Little Green Bow.

I help overwhelmed, busy people like you:

1. Declutter their homes so they can find what they need when they need it. Home should be a peaceful retreat from the busy outside world and I’ll help you get there with systems.

2. Feed their families well with capsule meal plans so they do not have to spend a lot of money or time getting dinner on the table every night

3. Learn to be more productive by capsulizing the amount of time they spend on each project. I teach you to create more space in your life in order to breath and enjoy the time with your family  more.

4. Feel beautiful and stylish with capsule wardrobe modules. This makes it easier to get ready every day and starts your day off with the right energy.

My goal is to help you feel in control of your life by having the right systems in place. These systems will help you get in touch with who you truly are so you feel confident, calm, and cool again.

I’m Deanna, the mama behind the blog.

Super excited to have you here! (If we were meeting in person I’d probably give you a hug)

Over the past decade I’ve looked high and low – searching for what fulfills me and my family.

It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve lived in 5 states, moved dozens of times, worked countless jobs (a couple of which I felt like a total failure at), and ran a successful online business which allowed us to travel around Europe for 6+ months twice as a family. Okay, that last part was really cool. Now we’re living in Munich, Germany to learn a second language and soak in a different culture. 

But, after years of trial and (I can’t really call them) errors, my husband and I have discovered how to craft the lifestyle that fits us and our daughter best (and nope, that does not include home/world schooling). 

That brings me here and back to how I can help you. It feels like everyday we are bombarded with people’s “perfect” online personas that seem so far from our current situation. It can be hard to see how we can ever live up and it’s easy to get stuck in a “keeping up with the Jones” rut. My job is to help you see past what other people are projecting, discover what it is you really want from life, and then go out and make it make it a reality. 

My hope is that the ideas you find here will inspire you to create an awesome life you love and teach you some simple solutions that will squash your self-doubt and everyday struggles.

Let’s do this!

I’m pretty sure we should be friends...

  • I’m super nice (almost to a default) and love to laugh, but can be serious when necessary.
  • My favorite foods are Mexican street tacos and Thai green curry.
  • I do love a good swear word (although I’m pretty good about turning it off in front of little ears and my parents.)
  • My husband and I have been inseparable since college and I consider him my best friend. 
  • I have 1 kiddo – a daughter who is just turned 6, but is so tall. I still love to cuddle her and will be sad when she no longer wants to crawl into my lap.
  • I love learning and regularly put myself in uncomfortable positions so that I continue to grow as a person. (Like moving to a different country in my 30’s, family in tow, to learn a new language!)
  • I’ve never let fear stop me from doing some pretty bigs things – I used to fly trapeze as a hobby in Chicago, we’ve moved all over the country (with and without jobs), and we were married in Mexico at a place we’d never seen in person and it was perfect for example. (see wedding picture here —>)
  • I’ve got big dreams for this blog and I can’t wait for you to be right by my side as I make it happen!

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