These sneaky pitfalls can trip you up when you're trying to reach the big goals you set for yourself. Discover how you can avoid them.

How to Avoid Pitfalls When Going After Big Goals​

How to Avoid Pitfalls When Going After Big Goals It’s Day 5 of my self-imposed challenge to create a video and blog post about the Goal Achieving Workbook. Thank you for those of you who have joined me. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed

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Discover the secret ninja hacks for reaching your goals and how to use them. Never fail to follow through with your goal planning again. Get ready for a big life change.

Ninja Hacks You Can Steal to Crush Your Goals

Ninja Hacks You Can Steal to Crush Your Goals It’s Day 4 of the goal achieving series. Today we are going to talk about two ninja hacks you can use to crush your goals. What are these crazy tactics?  Creating routines and habits. It might seem boring, but routines and

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The two secrets hacks to prioritize your goals and get more accomplished. Get the life you've always dreamed of. The magic happens when you COMBINE these two things.

Two Secret Hacks You Need to Prioritize Your Goals

Two Secret Hacks You Need to Prioritize Your Goals I am so excited to share today’s secret hacks that will make it super easy to prioritize your goals! It’s Day 3 of my self-made challenge to record a video along with a blog post. It’s definitely been a challenge, but

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Want to live an AWESOME life? Of course you do! Learn how to use SMART goals to start achieving your dreams. Free goal achieving workbook included!!

Goal Achieving Workbook Video Series

Goal Achieving Workbook Video Series – Day 2 Last month I had a friend challenge me to start recording videos and post them to YouTube. I agreed because I thought it couldn’t be too hard, but OMG, it has been so much harder than I expected.  From the logistics of

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How setting big goals helped me quit my job and travel the world with my family. I want to show you how I did it and help you get the awesome life you want too!

How Goal Setting Helped Me Quit and Travel the World

How Goal Setting Helped Me Quit and Travel the World Are you tired of setting goals or making New Year’s Resolutions, but never following through? Did you know that only 8% of people actually accomplish their resolutions? What if you could move past goal setting and crush your goals every

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What are SMART goals? Learn what smart goals are and how to use them. Since implementing these strategies, my life has changed. I no longer hate work a job I hate and have traveled the world with my family for over a year now. What will you do?

What are SMART Goals?

What Are SMART Goals? Have you ever heard of SMART Goals? It’s an acronym that was coined in 1981 by Dr. George Doran as a way to create better goals that could be measured and thus, achieved.  While SMART goals were originally created for the office environment so one could

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The easiest weekly house cleaning schedule I've found. It's free and shows you how to have a clean home in just minutes per day. I love the included laundry schedule. This is totally doable!

An Easy Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

An Easy Weekly House Cleaning Schedule Do you feel like you are always cleaning your home? It can be a never ending cycle as there is always something to clean or tidy. One solution to this is to create a weekly cleaning schedule. By having a schedule you give yourself

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Do you want to be happy, but are not sure how to be happy? These 17 happiness secrets and habits of happy people will help you achieve more happiness and live a life filled with more joy. #9 is my favorite.

How to Be Happy: 17 Things Happy People Do

How to Be Happy: 17 Unique Things Happy People Do If you think about the meaning of life, lots of people say it’s to be happy, but do most of us really know how to be happy? I actually think in our modern age, we have disconnected from what happiness

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Is your home always messy even though you clean it? These 10 mindsets might be to blame. Honestly #3 was the hardest for me to get past!

10 Mindsets that Keep Your Home Messy

10 Mindsets that Keep Your Home Messy Have you ever thought your mindset might be keeping your home messy? Are you trying to declutter, but find something is holding you back? Like no matter what you try, your home ends up messy again? If that sounds like you, it’s probably

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Stop Your Spring Cleaning Stress! Each year it's the same thing. You can break the cycle with these 5 tips and get the clean home you crave year round.

Spring Cleaning Dread: How to Break the Cycle

Spring Cleaning Dread. How to Break the Cycle There. I’ve said it. Spring Cleaning Dread. This time of year Pinterest is bursting at the seams with spring cleaning tips and hacks for cleaning your home. I can’t be the only one who looks at those perky lists and feels anxiety

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6 reasons your decluttering efforts will fail. The first point is super important, but #4 was the hardest for me.

6 Reasons Decluttering Efforts Fail

6 Reasons Your Decluttering Efforts Will Fail Are you nervous your decluttering efforts will fail? Have you started projects in the past only to abandon them halfway through because you no longer have the energy to keep it up? Have you decluttered before and now you feel like your home

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Feel like you are always organizing your home, but getting no where? I feel your pain!! It's time to STOP organizing. Here's how you can do it and what you need to do instead.

How to Stop Organizing Forever

How to Stop Organizing Forever It may seem crazy to say it, but you really should STOP organizing. I’m not saying you should live in a disorganized mess or that your home should be chaotic. It’s actually the opposite really. You deserve a calm, peaceful, cozy, and relaxing home. But…organizing

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11 Books to Make this Your Best. Year. Ever. Start reshaping your life into the life you want to live. Yes! It's possible. Books #2 and #4 have changed my life and I'm working through #7 now. Wow!

11 Books that will Change Your Life

11 Books that will Change Your Life The following books can change your life. Yes. It’s true. I know it’s a bold statement, but if you take action based on the information provided in these books, your life will look drastically different in a year.  Don’t believe me? Think about

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Family Command Center updates you should make this year

12 Family Command Center Changes To Make This Year

12 Changes You Need to Make This Year to Your Family Command Center Do you have a family command center that hasn’t been touched since you set it up a few year ago? Maybe you have not gotten on the family command center bandwagon yet and have no idea what

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The Best Family Morning Routine for a Happy 2019

Do you dread getting your family out the door in the morning? Are there regular meltdowns? Lost socks? Yelling and screaming? There are no judgements here. I’ve been there and it’s awful. But, you know what worked for us…a family morning routine. Read on and I will tell you our

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Help Your Kids Play Independently with Bored Jars

Pin for later! (or share with a friend who would like this) Do you have a child that struggles to play independently? Are they constantly saying they are bored, asking you what to do, or saying, “Mom, play with me?” If so, you are not alone.  As an only child,

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