Mac N Chicken Pizza Recipe

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One of the fun food traditions my husband grew up with was Pizza Sunday. His family would always share a pizza or two on Sunday night and it has been a tradition we have easily adopted to our family.
I love these kinds of traditions and routines because it helps tremendously in the weekly planning process. With so much going on, one set food day makes it that much easier to find a recipe. While we often revert to a more traditional pie, I like to mix things up every so often and throw in a new flavor combination.
Need a quick and fun dinner option for the whole family tonight? Try this easy mac n chicken pizza recipe. It comes together quickly and is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family.
There have been many mac n cheese pizza recipes making the rounds lately, but I wanted to add more heft and nutrition. Brett loves mac n chicken too so I took that idea and ran with it. The result was a delicious pizza that the whole family enjoyed. Anyone else over the moon thrilled when their toddler gobbles up the dinner they are served? I can’t be the only one over here!?!?
Want a fun pizza alternative. Make this mac n chicken pizza recipe. Enjoyed by all ages and easy to make.
The pizza came together pretty quickly and you could easily substitute a quick cook mac n cheese if you are in even more of a rush. On another note, you could easily substitute rotisserie chicken for the canned chicken or if you have a lot of time, you could also cook your own chicken to be shredded.
Delicious and cheesy mac n chicken pizza. A quick and easy pizza recipe for a weeknight family dinner.
Here’s the recipe for mac n chicken pizza if you want to make this for your family this week.
[yumprint-recipe id=’24’]Don’t forget to pin this recipe so that you have it at your fingertips when you’re ready to make it.
Looking for a quick and fun dinner option for the whole family? Try this easy, delicious, and cheesy mac n chicken pizza recipe. It comes together in a few minutes and is sure to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages.

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