Making French Macaroons at Home

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Sticking with the French theme (that started with my baby shower), this week’s DIY is making macarons (French Macaroons) at home. I was always terrified to try making these delicate little cookies because they seemed like such hard work. Then, I saw a video on YouTube that make me think otherwise.
Don’t get me wrong…these cookies are still a bit temperamental and this first attempt was not perfect, but they sure were delicious. And now I have a baseline for making them better.
Here’s the video from YouTube. This woman really demystifies the whole process of making French Macaroons at home.

You can see that my macarons were not mixed enough and so they were not completely smooth on top and they cracked a bit. A little more mixing would have made them just right…
How to make macaroons at home
[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]Have you ever made macarons (French Macaroons) or something else that scared you at first? If so, how did it turn out? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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