Delicious Pumpkin Mac and Cheese Recipe

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Oooh…today’s recipe is so yummy! I ran across it on FoodGawker and knew it would be a perfect dish to fix on a cold fall evening. Boy, was I right! If you are ever craving warm, homemade comfort make this pumpkin mac and cheese dish and dig in. It’s really pretty simple and I recommend sautéing up some chicken to make it even heartier.
Homemade Macaroni & Cheese with a Pumpkin Twist
This pumpkin mac and cheese recipe comes together easy enough. You start by cooking your pasta and making your sauce. The sauce begins as a basic cream sauce then gets a flavor punch in the form of cheese and pumpkin puree. Finish it off with grilled chicken breast and a side salad to up your veggie intake. It really is like eating fall on a plate.
Delicious Pumpkin Mac & Cheese
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