Thai Chicken Tacos

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The combination of two delicious cuisines (Mexican and Thai) with the added bonus of colorful veggies make these tacos a hit in our household. It helps that they come together pretty easily and work great as leftovers too. With all of that, what’s not to like?
Another reason I love to make tacos is because we have discovered that Eleanor loves burritos. I mean, L-O-V-E, loves them.This love was discovered one day at Chipotle when she and I shared an order of soft tacos and I turned hers into a burrito “like Daddy’s”. Now, I don’t know about you, but when my toddler likes food that I actually approve of, I do a big happy dance inside and figure out ways to incorporate it more often.
That’s where these tacos come in. They are made with corn tortillas, but I serve her taco rolled up in a small flour tortilla – just like a burrito. She’ll even eat some of the veggies this way so I am one happy mama. Of course, I add cheese to her’s too which is another love of hers.
Mom and Dad love that we can eat tacos (again!) and not repeat the same flavors in regular Mexican tacos. Sometimes it’s just the little things in life, ya know? But, honestly, these Thai chicken tacos are super yummy and do not take too much to put together. Some of the ingredients like fish sauce may be an investment if you have not cooked many thai meals, but consider it worth it since you can use it in other meals like Thai chicken pizza (recipe coming soon!) – YUM.
And just look at that colorful plate. It makes me feel healthy just looking at it. 
These Thai chicken tacos were delicious and I highly encourage you to try adding them into your menu rotation
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Easy Veggie-filled Thai Chicken Tacos

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