Tofu Tacos

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After going a whole 10 days without eating any meat, I was really craving healthy meat-free meals and set out to find some inspiration on Pinterest. I ran across these tacos and knew I had to try them.
Good thing too since they were yummy! I was pretty nervous that my husband would hate them, but it was quite the opposite. He really liked them too. I doubt he’ll be asking for them, but it’s nice to know that he won’t turn his nose up next time I make them.
How about you? Do you eat tofu often? I love getting the stuff when we are eating out, but hadn’t really made it at home before this. I discovered cooking with tofu is easy.
These tofu tacos came together really easily and now I’m looking into more tofu recipes.
Tofu Tacos - Fried Taco Shell Option

Start by slicing the tofu and tossing in marinade before baking.
How to make tofu tacos
While the tofu is baking, move onto making the cabbage slaw.
tofu tacos with cabbage slaw
Slice, chop and mince and combine the ingredients together.
making tofu tacos
Once mixed, set aside and move on to the next step. You’ll probably need to turn your tofu at this point too.
delicious tofu tacos with cabbage slaw
It’s time to heat up your tortillas. I pan fried my husbands tortillas and just heated mine through. I didn’t take a picture of cooking the tortillas because I was dealing with hot oil, but all I do is cook each side for 10-15 seconds and then fold the tortilla in half to make a taco shell. Continue cooking for 30 seconds until the shell is crispy. Set on a paper towel to drain off the excess oil before serving.
These were delicious and I can’t wait to make them again. Here’s the recipe so you can try these tofu tacos too.
[yumprint-recipe id=’23’]


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SDMS · January 24, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Interesting…it looks good. I have only tried tofu once & it was bbq tofu nachos. I may have to try this out!
Still Dating My Spouse

    Deanna · January 25, 2012 at 1:58 am

    I think tofu deserves a chance. As long as you spice it up and use it as a complementary part of the meal, I think it's hard to go wrong. It definitely will not be replacing a steak though (if that's your thing).

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