5 French Style Secrets You Need to Steal

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5 French Style Secrets You Need to Steal

How to dress with style like French women. Secret #5 is my favorite and you can start immediately. No shopping necessary.

French women are known for their amazing French style and I think there is a lot we can all learn from how they put an outfit together. When I was growing up, I was always drawn toward simple style – plain t’s, solid colors, the same shoes – it was a self-made uniform before that kind of thing was cool.

But, over the years, I started listening to the critics who said my look was too plain. The fashion magazines that said I needed the latest fashion. My friends who dressed with more color and liked to go shopping.

I was in high school in the 90’s in California. My closet was a chaotic mess with fashion ties to grunge, punk, babydoll dresses and t’s a la Friends, and even looks from Cher in Clueless. In college it did not get much better as I moved to ill-fitting jeans, sweatshirts and graphic t-shirts. Yes, I was really clueless when it came to dressing stylishly.

But, that’s all part of growing up (I tell myself anyway) and I am happy to say that I have been learning how to dress well for the past few years. I am by no means a fashion expert and have learned through trial and error. Traveling and living out of a suitcase for the past year has helped as I was forced to curate a small wardrobe.

Living in Europe has also made me more aware of how stylish the French are. These are the five French style secrets you need to steal immediately if you want to update your wardrobe and start dressing more stylishly.

Choose a Neutral Palette

The French know that a neutral color palette is always chic, on trend, and timeless. In their closet and on the streets of Paris, you will always find black, denim, white, camel, gray, and stripes. Want a pop of color? Add red lipstick.

This allows a French woman the luxury of having less clothing because it increases the ability to mix and match. These neutral colors all play well together. When every top works well with every bottom, the outfit possibilities are endless.

Value Quality Over Quantity

Just like in most big cities, real estate and thus closet space in Paris, is at a premium. Because there is less closet space, women are not able to buy and store as many clothes. This forces them to be more discerning with the clothing items they choose to buy.

It is a tip that we see over and over again in minimalism. Less is more when the quality is higher. By purchasing higher quality pieces, you treat them nicer, and those pieces last longer. Higher quality fabric tends to wear better. More expensive clothing is made better with added benefits like lining and attention to fit.

Master the Art of Stylishly Undone

Stylish French women seem to have mastered the art of looking just enough undone to be sexy and put together all at the same time. Hair often looks like they just hopped out of bed. Nothing is 100% in place, neat, or tidy.

Sleeves are often rolled up, but never perfect. It does not matter if they are wearing buttoned up shirts or blazers. Speaking of shirts…a French woman might have her shirt tucked in, but you’ll find that parts are almost always untucked or uneven.

Make Friends with a Tailor

The fit of an outfit it is very important to French women. They know their best features as well as their flaws. Using the services of a good tailor, they work to accentuate the things they love and minimize those areas they don’t. But, a French woman will not get down on herself too negatively for her flaws. No one is perfect.

They just choose to revel in their favorite attributes and never underestimate the magic a good tailor can make when it comes to style.

Wear Confidence Like an Accessory

The best thing a stylish French woman wears however, is her confident attitude. It is better to be confident is basic pieces than fidgety and unsure in the most stylish get up. Yves Saint Laurent, is famously quoted as saying: “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

That simply means that being confident in yourself when you walk out the door is more important than what you are wearing. Even confidence can make classic jeans and a t-shirt look amazing and sexy.

With these 5 secret French style secrets, you too can start dressing more fashionably. Take a look at your current wardrobe and pull out the simple, classic pieces that fit within a neutral color palette. Mix and match those together and don’t forget to wear your confidence on your sleeve.

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How to dress with style like French women. Secret #5 is my favorite and you can start immediately. No shopping necessary.
5 French Style Secrets You Need to Steal. #5 is my favorite and you can start right now.
5 Secret Style Tips You Need to Steal from French Women. #5 is so simple and you can start immediately.


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