10 Amazing Stories for Kids about Kindness, Empathy, Happiness, and Creativity

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10 Amazing Stories for Kids about Kindness, Empathy, Happiness, and Creativity

Searching for stories for kids with a good message? These children’s books are a great place to start! They are well written, fun to read, and teach good moral lessons. My daughter can’t stop laughing at book #3 and my favorite is #4 (because it’s good for parents too!).

Are you looking for stories for kids that have good moral lessons and make your child a better human? Yes, that can be a tall order for a children’s book, but I believe it is possible. Everything we read, see, hear, do, and say can have a profound impact on our lives – especially when we are young.

If you’re already in the practice of reading bedtime stories to your child, why not have it be one with a good, uplifting message?

How do we want our children to behave?

There is so much talk about bullying in school these days. I have to admit, I am a little nervous for my own child as she is nearing school-age. As I write this we are living in Germany where elementary school begins at 6, not like 5 in the USA. Once she is in a school classroom with 20-30 kids the drama will begin.

I want her to be a kind and empathic child with lots of friends. It’s true that I cannot control the other children, but I can influence my own and reading books like these is just one simple way I can show her how to be kind.

They lead to all sorts of conversations and I love getting to have these deeper conversations with her.

What age do you recommend these stories for kids?

Most of these children’s books can be read to children in preschool. It’s never to early to talk about kindness, empathy, happiness, love, manners, and creativity. Sure, some points may not be understood when a child is that young, but that just means the book will last longer on the bookshelf.

A couple of the books are for an older audience and I have noted that on the particular book below.

Amazing children’s books that teach lessons in kindness, empathy, happiness, and creativity.

The following 10 books are children’s stories about kindness, empathy, happiness, and creativity. They are fun and uplifting without being too heavy so even little readers will enjoy them.

Be Kind

by Pat Zietlow Miller

This is a very sweet story about learning what it means to be kind. It starts with a young girl spilling her grape juice on her new dress and another little girl trying to figure out how to show her kindness.

We venture through thoughts of small things and big things we can do to be kind to others. We explore the idea of kindness being as simple as using someone’s name when you say hi and the idea of kindness being hard (and maybe scary) when sticking up for someone. 

There are plenty of opportunities to discuss kindness with your child and what they would do in different situations. Overall, it is a very cute book, well-written, and illustrated with sweet images. 

The Invisible Boy

by Trudy Ludwig

Do you know a quiet child? Were you a quiet child growing up? This books looks at the dynamics in a school classroom where quiet children often struggle to fit in. 

Children that are quiet and shy can often feel invisible. Other children (that are more popular or good at sports) may not even notice they are ignoring the quiet child.

Things were bad for Brian until a new boy comes to school. They form a friendship through Brian’s kindness and the new boy helps Brian become not so invisible after all. 

This story is best for school aged children who are in the midst of their first classrooms. It can help those that are more popular learn how to be more accepting of all students and those that feel invisible know they are not alone.

Can I Join Your Club?

by John Kelly

We love this book! And my daughter particularly loves the parts when the duck tries to sound like the other animals. We laugh and laugh and keep trying to make the noises.

It starts with duck trying to make friends and join different clubs. But, none of the clubs are willing to accept an outsider that is different. That is until duck goes out and makes his own club.

Will his club be like the others’? Or will his club be different? Join duck as he finds friends through kindness and inclusiveness in this fun, short story that is sure to make your kids laugh. 

Stories for kids about empathy

I Am Human

by Susan Verde

This book is so sweet and full of inspired teachings – not just for kids, but for adults too. I think that is what makes this my favorite book on the list. 

This story for kids looks are how we are one of billions, yet still unique. As humans we are always learning and always growing. We have feelings and emotions, but can make choices to make a bad day a good day.  We have the power to be compassionate, thoughtful, kind, and happy.

This children’s books is probably best for school-aged children. But, I am a firm believer that it is never too early to teach your children about the choices they make. If you believe the same, you may enjoy reading this to your preschool aged children as well.

You Get What You Get

by Julie Gassman

So we all know the saying, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. This saying works well for Melvin at school where it was his teacher’s rule. But, it seems his parents were not aware of this rule and Melvin was no fun to be around without it. 

In fact, he practically throws a fit over everything! That is until he accidentally blurts out the secret rule at home. What happens next when Melvin realizes the rule is now at school AND home? 

You Get What You Get is a cute children’s book with a good moral message about how to handle situations that don’t always go your way. 

Rude Cakes

by Rowboat Watkins

This book is either a love or a hate for parents, but the consensus seems to be that the children LOVE it. There are some weird twists and turns that come out of left field, but it keeps the parents and kids wondering what happens next. 

This story for kids is all about teaching manners. There are plenty of opportunities for you to chat with your child about what it means to be rude vs. kind. It also gives you the change to talk about manners and how it feels when people do not have good manners.

If you like Dragons Love Tacos, you’ll probably love this book too.

Stories for kids about happiness

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids

by Carol McCloud

This children’s book is great for not only little kids, but big kids, and even parents. We all want to be happy, but not all of us know what we need to do that. This story for kids is about learning what it means to be happy and how we achieve this happiness.

It’s not just about ourselves though. This story for kids shows us that we each have an invisible bucket. The only way to fill that bucket is to say nice things to others and do nice things for others. In this way we will fill up their bucket and our bucket. The book also shows us that when we are mean to others we empty their bucket and ours too. 

This is an absolutely wonderful foundational book for children of all ages. As we grow older, and seek happiness on our own, your child will be better served because they know how to fill their bucket for happiness. 

Grumpy Monkey

by Suzanne Lang

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? You’re not sure why, but you’re in a terribly, grumpy mood? Yes, we have all had those days. It’s happened to us, and it will happen to our children.

Refreshingly, Grumpy Monkey is one of those stories for kids that doesn’t try to make you feel something that you’re not feeling. All the other animals in the forest try to make Jim feel better. They try to tell him not to be grumpy on such a beautiful day. But, this does not make Jim feel any better. Instead he has to realize that he is grumpy (although he doesn’t know why) and that he will feel better soon.

This book is great for teaching children that sometimes we have bad moods. And sometimes our friends will be in bad moods. When that happens, it’s not our fault and we cannot fix it. The best thing is just to be there for them and know the bad mood will pass soon.

Stories for kids about creativity

The Dot (Creatrilogy)

by Peter H. Reynolds

This is one of those stories for kids that takes you by surprise. It is an adorable children’s book about encouragement and creativity. 

It is based on a little girl, named Vashti, who doesn’t think she can draw. Thankfully her art teacher gives her encouragement through action. She shows Vashti that her starting point is good enough and that gives Vashti all she needs to push herself to make something better. 

We all have a bit of creativity in us; sometimes it just takes a little bit of encouragement for us to find it. There is a lesson here for parents too. Instead of telling a child they can do something, how can we show them and encourage action? 

Be the Change, Make it Happen

Big and Small Ways Kids Can Make a Difference

by Bernadette Russell

Our last book on the list is less of a story for kids and more of an activity book. Taking the lessons learned about kindness, empathy, happiness, and creativity from the other books on this list, kids can dive into projects, tasks, and exercises to put these lessons into practice.

This is a great book if you have an older child who can work with a younger one. However, it’s also a good children’s book for your family to work on together.

This will make it easier for you to come up with projects that can build your family’s kindness, empathy, happiness, and creativity. Are there better pursuits for a family weekend?

So which modern moral story for kids have you added to your family reading list? 

Let me know in the comments below. Also let me know of your favorite children’s book with a great message. I am always on the lookout for new books to add to our collection. 

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Searching for stories for kids with a good message? These children’s books are a great place to start! They are well written, fun to read, and teach good moral lessons. My daughter can’t stop laughing at book #3 and my favorite is #4 (because it’s good for parents too!).
10 Fun Kid Books wit a Good Message. Looking for better bedtime reading material with your children? These 10 children's books are filled with love, empathy, kindness, happiness, and creativity.
Looking for stories for kids with a good message? These children’s books deliver! They are well written, fun to read, and teach good moral lessons. My daughter can’t stop laughing at book #3 and my favorite is #4 (because it’s good for parents too!).


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