12 Awesome Easter Crafts for Kids + 1 for Mom

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12 Awesome Eater Crafts + 1 for Mom Easter is fast approaching. If you’re like me, you wait until the last minute for holidays too. Now that we’re settled back in the States, I am hoping to get better at that, but since this is the first holiday in our new house, I am still running behind schedule.
So, I’ve rounded up some of the cutest Easter crafts I found online so we can all add some festivity to our homes quickly and easily. Plus, there’s one to help us busy moms relax a bit too (wait, what?! – yep, you deserve it).
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Paper Roll Bunnies
How cute are these! I love finding creative solutions for reusing items you have around your house and we all know those silly toilet paper rolls have a way of appearing everywhere. See the full tutorial at The Centsible Life.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - DIY Drink Straws
We’re not throwing an Easter party this year, but I know the kids would love to have their own personalized straws if we did. See how to make your own at And We Play. Plus, you can buy a bunch of Starbucks Frappaccino bottles to use for the vintage look. You know you’ll need the extra caffeine if you are tackling hosting a party. 🙂
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Carrot Footprints
These carrot foot prints are such a cute way to memorialize your little one’s feet! They grow up so fast and it would be cute to do this year after year to watch how much they grow from one year to the next. The original post is from One Krieger Chick.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - No Sew Burlap Bunny Bunting
This bunting from Living Well Spending Less doesn’t require any sewing so even your littlest helpers can get in on the action. You can stick to the minimalist look of white bunnies or coordinate it to the colors of your party.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Paper Eggs
Looking for a more colorful idea, check out these paper eggs from Craft and Creativity. They are not only simple, but promise to transform any space it to a festive Easter scape. Bonus, these eggs do not require refrigeration!
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Easter Finger Puppets
I found 2 adorable finger puppet ideas. For those of you who like to sew, these three designs are based on a simple oval shape, but they could not be cuter! Find the patterns at Fiskars.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets
If you are not up for sewing this time around, check out the pipe cleaner puppets from Woo. These four designs can fit any size finger and would be fun to make with your younger helpers that do not have very long attention spans.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland copy
I once had someone get really upset that I used paint chips for creative projects, but I often have old paint chips lying around (I am paint and entire house, ya know!). So, I think of these projects an using up supplies rather than tossing them in the landfill. Anyway, this is a clever way to add color and pop to a space. You can see the original post at Modern Parents Messy Kids. And if you have a problem with paint chips, lighten up and leave the comments for the original creator. I’m just the messenger. 🙂
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Salt Dough Eggs
Kids love getting their hands messy so get their help to make these Salt Dough Eggs from Design Mom. Once set, the kids can paint them however they wish. Ah, a good alternative to real hardboiled eggs.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Paper Plate Baby Chicks
Oh, these little yellow paper chicks are just adorable. I can just imagine these hung up on the wall or sitting on a mantle with their little orange legs dangling down. Head on over to Simple as That for the list of materials you need.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Paper Animal Masks
Do you remember making paper masks as a kid? I do, but I’m not sure they were ever this cute. Check out the details at Oh Happy Day.
12 Awesome Easter Crafts - Easter Egg Poppers
Want an alternative to an egg hunt? You’re in luck with these egg poppers from Studio DIY. Fill the plastic eggs with treats, cover with tissue paper, hang from a tree and have a blast!
An Easter Craft for Mom - DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs
As promised, a relaxing treat for Mom’s Easter basket – DIY Easter egg bath bombs. After all your hard work, you deserve a relaxing bath with delightfully fizzy water. And the tutorial from Bitz and Giggles promises that these are easy to make at home. I’ll try them soon and report back.

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