Easy Last-Minute Christmas Wrapping

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Did you know Christmas is less than 10 days away? It’s really sneaking up on me this year. I still have a ton of presents to buy and wrap and I know I’m not alone.
There’s an ornament exchange I am excited about tonight and I wanted to wrap it in a cute package. Brainstorming on my favorite Christmas themes I thought about snowmen, snowflakes, hot cocoa, peppermint sticks and reindeer. But, in the end, I had to go with Santa for my last-minute Christmas wrapping!
This simple Santa gift bag can be made in 5 minutes. A great way to make a simple gift more festive.
I had most of the materials on hand and only had to get a red gift bag to put this look together. Best part is that it only took 5 minutes.
Materials Needed:

  • red gift bag
  • black construction paper (or card stock)
  • yellow construction paper (or card stock)
  • white ribbon
  • double stick tape
  • hole punch
  • scissors

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Start by cutting strips of black construction paper big enough to wrap around the gift bag. Mine needed 2 strips about 1.5 inches thick.
  2. Cut out a square piece from the yellow construction paper that will extend over the black strip. Mine is about a 2″ square.
  3. Use the hole punch to put 4 holes in the square. These will be the corners of the square cutout in the middle for the “belt buckle”.
  4. Tape the black strips to the gift bag using double stick tape about 2/3 from the top and connect on the sides.
  5. Attached the yellow square to the front of the bag in the middle of the black strip.
  6. Use the hole punch to put 4 holes in the top of the bagEasy DIY Christmas Wrapping
  7. Cut 4 strips of white ribbon.
  8. String the ribbon through the holes as follows:
    1. far left and left center
    2.  two middle holes
    3. right center and far right
    4. two outer holes (by doing these last, your ribbons will look nice from the backside too
  9. Gently curl the ribbon to make Santa’s beard.

All done. Easy peasy and super cute! Don’t forget to pin this to your favorite holiday board so you have the idea at the ready when you’re wrapping up your presents.
An easy DIY Christmas Santa gift bag that can be put together in 5 minutes. You probably have everything you need to make this at home.

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Megan LaRussa · March 12, 2016 at 8:27 am

Wow! It will look good in Santa’s hands.

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