Make Home Your Family's Retreat

I believe home needs to be a peaceful retreat from the busy outside world.

Let me help you create your own calming oasis with systems to cut out cutter and minimize.

Yes! You Can Have an Organized Home.

Join me for a transformative 7-Day Decluttering Challenge!

Get to the heart of WHY you want to declutter, HOW you want to live, and WHAT you need to do to make your dreams of an awesome life become reality. This is more than a challenge to get rid of things in your house. It’s a challenge to get to the heart of your clutter problem so you NEVER have to deal with it again!

Over 7 days you will discover:

– How your dream life plays a role in decluttering
– The Zones you need to set up in your home
– Ideas for getting your family on board
– The easiest way to go through your items
– Why having a place for everything is critical
– Tips for maintaining your decluttered lifestyle

Sign up now and say goodbye to a messy home. 

Freshen Up Your Home with Color

Deciding what colors to use in your home can be tricky. Trends are always changing and very few of us can afford to constantly redesign each and every one of our living spaces. However, there are tricks you can use to refresh your home for a fraction of a full

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Industrial Coffee Table Sneak Peek

I am so excited to start sharing more DIY furniture pieces with you all again! We just finished an industrial coffee table made from beautiful maple and galvanized steel pipes. It’s been a couple of years since we built our last piece of furniture – something about having a baby

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8 Ways to Beautify Your Home This Weekend

Want to make your home a beautiful retreat, but short on time? Check out these 8 simple ways to make your home beautiful this weekend with time to spare. I’m always looking for quick ways to make our home a relaxing oasis, but with the everyday tasks and a busy toddler

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Create a Beautiful Reading Canopy in One Afternoon

Are you looking to make a reading canopy for your child (or yourself!)? This simple plan will help you create a beautiful reading canopy in an afternoon. Read on to learn more. When we left to travel in the middle of 2014 we sold most of our belongings. It was

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We Finally Picked Out House Colors – Shades of Gray

I love, love, LOVE the trend toward neutral colors – as opposed to the kaleidoscope effect of painting every room a different bold color we saw in the past 2 decades! And I’m beyond thrilled that gray is the hot color. It can be so calming and soothing while playing

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