Make Home Your Family's Retreat

I believe home needs to be a peaceful retreat from the busy outside world.

Let me help you create your own calming oasis with systems to cut out cutter and minimize.

Yes! You Can Have an Organized Home.

Join me for a transformative 7-Day Decluttering Challenge!

Get to the heart of WHY you want to declutter, HOW you want to live, and WHAT you need to do to make your dreams of an awesome life become reality. This is more than a challenge to get rid of things in your house. It’s a challenge to get to the heart of your clutter problem so you NEVER have to deal with it again!

Over 7 days you will discover:

– How your dream life plays a role in decluttering
– The Zones you need to set up in your home
– Ideas for getting your family on board
– The easiest way to go through your items
– Why having a place for everything is critical
– Tips for maintaining your decluttered lifestyle

Sign up now and say goodbye to a messy home. 

Detailed DIY Pottery Barn Dining Table Plans

Back in September, my husband and I built our very first piece of furniture. It was a dining table modeled after the Pottery Barn Hyde line. It was much easier to put together than expected and since then I have received several requests for detailed plans on how we put

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a dresser makeover – from red to…

I am so excited to show off my recent dresser makeover! She’s been a work in progress for a while now, but it was worth all of the work I put into it. As with any good makeover, we have to show you what she looked like before… My life

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How to Cut a Glass Bottle in Half at Home

Today, I’m going to share a little bit of a party trick with you. Have you ever wondered how to cut a glass bottle? Turns out, it’s pretty easy and you can do it from home with a few simple items from around the house. I’m working on my valentine

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Create Your Own Valentine's Heart Pillow

Time for more DIY crafts. I had planned to post my bedroom dresser this week, but alas, I did not get to the fabric store. The poor thing has been 95% finished since October! It’s been stripped, painted and polyurethaned and all I need to do is add some fabric to

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Have a tricky space and cannot find the right sized couch. Have you thought of making your own? Yep, you can make a DIY couch from home. Here's how.

Build Your Own Sofa Bed: DIY Couch Plans

How to make a DIY Couch that Folds Out to a Bed Last week when I posted about of our DIY couch that turns into a sofa bed many of you requested detailed plans so these are for you. Below is an overview of how we created our couch from scratch.

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How to Make Your Own Couch and DIY Sofa Bed

How to Make Your Own Couch When my mother-in-law came to visit back in October, my husband and I spent a really busy couple of weeks getting our apartment together. We had moved into a new 2-bedroom plus loft in August and pretty much ignored getting our place in order

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